15 Manicures From Instagram To Take With You To The Nail Salon

We've all been there before: walk into a nail salon with an idea of what we want, but once faced with the walls and endless pages of possible nail colors and art options we completely freeze up. Our minds go blank and we panic-choose a color that we decide we hate mid-nail application (or when we get home). Manis are expensive and to get one that you're not head-over-heels in love with is one of life's greatest squanders of opportunity. You'll be stuck with them for at least a week, maybe two if they're gel and you resist picking them off.

Crazy things can be done on our tiny nail canvases now, we're still trying to wrap our minds around all of the possibilities. From jelly kirakira nails to Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande-approved manis, your nails could be the blank page for the next big masterpiece. Screenshot these 15 manicures for inspiration when you book your next manicure appointment, it's a guaranteed strategy for getting a manicure you'll actually love.

1. Sailor Moon Certified

2. Matcha Made In Heaven

3. Subtle Swooshes

4. Tennis Ball Green

5. Blue Period Shadows

6. Cold Pressed Flowers

7. Grown Up Rainbows

8. Kid In A Candy Shop

9. Slice Of Sunshine

10. Box Of Chocs

11. Time To Disco

12. Slime Green Swirl

13. A Happy Yin Yang

14. Extra Tart Sweet Tarts

15. Flower Power

Hope you loved all these nail art designs for inspiration. Do not forget to pin them or bookmark them for future reference!

Lots of Love!!!