The Ombré Manicure Is Making A Chic Comeback This Summer

Pulling off a nail-art look at home is inherently daunting. No matter how much you want itsy-bitsy silver stars on your fingers, you know the safest bet is to buy a pack of stickers, shell out $20 for a manicure, or risk losing your mind trying to paint them on yourself. Luckily, one of the biggest manicure trends of summer 2019 is the antithesis of pain-in-the-ass nail art: Faded ombré is soft, sophisticated, and the perfect DIY project to tackle as you binge the new season of Stranger Things.

Here are some of the prettiest ombré inspiration on Instagram to get you started.

You can get creative with your ombré by going lighter near your cuticles and painting a darker shade towards the tips, or vice versa. Grab that unsalvageable BeautyBlender you've been meaning to toss, and dip it in acetone to dilute the polish, Kandalec says. This sheers the color and makes the tonal transition super-soft. Then paint nail polish over the surface of the sponge and dab the color right over your base polish "almost like a stamp," she says. Yep, faded ombré is that easy.

Nail pro Betina Goldstein calls this look, "Lilac Ombré." Instead of fading multiple shades together, she dabbed Essie's Tiers of Joy polish across the tips of her bare nails, blending it softly down the base to create the shimmery, pearlescent ombré effect.

There's a new way to wear a French manicure — one that's not stiff, square, or Melania Trump-esque. To get the ombré French look, use a clear base coatover your whole nail, then add Essie's white polish in Blanc for the faded gradient at the tip.

For a darker, moodier take, try a berry-toned ombré. You can create this mauve-to-burgundy situation on your own nails with two shades of purple, a pastel, and a deep raspberry.

Bring a welcome reminder of summer to your nails with a faded peach design. This look comes courtesy of the new Nails Inc. polish two-piece set called Kiss My Peach.

Full disclosure: Unless you're a seasoned nail expert, you might have to head to the salon to nab this glossy French fade. You can ask for an ombré gel — pulling up this photo as inspiration — or gel extensions, if you're craving these long, almond tips.

If you're looking for a subtle take on the glitter fade, start with a nude base (Sally Hansen's Devil Wears Nada) then add a fine-grained metallic polish (Gilty Party) over the top. 

Nail pro Naomi Yasuda shows how to bring three different shades into a single ombré design while still (somehow) keeping it understated. Here, she fuses a pale blue with a creamsicle orange and tops it with a skinny glitter tip.

Where two coats of bubblegum-pink polish might be too flashy for your aesthetic, a soft-fade pink tip — blended into an otherwise naked nail — is low-key chic.

If anyone can make neon minimalist, it's Glossier founder Emily Weiss and her lemony Gen-Z yellow ombré nails.

Ombre nails are so easy and quick to do, that anyone can do them even the ones with no nail polish skills. Grab those nail polishes, paint your nails and go crazy with ombre!

So, do you like these nail art designs? Tell me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!