15 wallpapers to inspire your week

We change our sheets regularly, clean our homes, and organize our desks — but when was the last time you spruced up your computer? More likely than not, it’s been a while since you cleaned off your desktop and changed the background. It’s time to sweep that digital dust off your monitor and start fresh!

All those files may not be physical clutter, but it can still cause stress all the same. Studies have shown that visual clutter can raise stress levels in your body. So delete those old files, and give your pixelated home the refresh it needs. Consider it a spring cleaning for your laptop or desktop.

For an extra mood booster, check out these inspirational desktop backgrounds below created by Mint Whether you’re goal is to find more happiness, be more productive, or live your healthiest life, there’s sure to be a quote to motivate you every day. Don't forget to pin them all!

If you want free Mobile wallpapers or phone background inspirations, click on the link.

I hope you loved all these motivational wallpapers. They are available for download and Pinterest so go get them all. If you want more exciting wallpapers, you can tell me about it in the comments below!

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