Animal-Print Nail Art Is Your Go-To Summer Accessory

Animal print anything — from a bodysuit to a handbag — can seem like an intimidating (and impractical) addition to a jeans and T-shirt kind of wardrobe. But as of late, animal-inspired patterns are everywhere — from the leopard-print silk midi skirts all over Instagram to your best friend's manicure with cute cow spots. From snow leopard spots to chic brown tortoiseshell designs, we've created a guide to this summer's best animal-print manicures, ahead.


Animal print can be considered neutral when the tips are short and the base is bare. It's like the polka dot's cool, older sister. Or, if you've got the length and sleek almond shape, try a leopard-print accent on just the tip.


If you've long been a stripes type of girl, a zebra design is an easy upgrade. Essie makes handy zebra-print stickers that you can just press on to get the classic design in a snap — minus the striping brush and intense concentration.


We've been thinking about this look ever since Kendall Jenner told the world she loves cow print nail art. A crisp white nail bed with imperfect black spots sprinkled over the top is the nail trend we never knew we needed. Sprinkle your white tips with cow spots for a fun take on the traditionally stiff French manicure.


Tortoiseshell is a popular pattern for fashion accessories, like glasses and jewellery, and we love the glossy camel and black-spotted print on nails, too — even more so when it's mixed with a floral tip on the opposite hand.

Tiger Prints

These tiger print nails with a dash of gold are just about everything you want for a happening glamourous summer nail art. All set to rock the next pool party?

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Lots of Love!!!