You never know what unexpected pattern will take off as a hot new nail trend. A few weeks ago, goldfish were all the rage. Before that, celebs like Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande couldn't get enough of cow print. And the newest nail-art trend that's edging its way onto our summer mood board is undeniably bizarre but low-key adorable: eggs served sunny-side up.

We recently spotted the white-and-yellow pastel design delicately plated on the feeds of Instagram's in-the-know nail pros. Considering the sunny colour pairing and the clever design concept, we're predicting it will continue to gain traction well into summer. From a curved yolk-like design on every finger to a single thumb accent, scroll through for every way to style the egg manicure — then watch everyone else copy your order.

The asymmetrical mani — in which every finger is painted with a different design — meets the most important meal of the day.

For the least egg-y take on the trend, try a two-toned design like this one. The slight curve of the yellow polish hints at a yolk, but wouldn't offend a vegan.

The runny yolk on the pointer finger is a funky spin on the classic French tip.

Nail pro Betina Goldstein (who helped usher in the cuticle striping trend) used three Julep polishes to make her egg tones really pop: Bombshell (a creamy white), Bea (a true yellow), and Cody (a peachy orange).

For the maximalist, we recommend pairing your gold foil base with an unexpected fried-egg accent.

This look combines two of our favourite of-the-moment nail trends: eggs and thumbnail art.

Some other interpretations of this nail art trends