The Face Shop Daily Perfume Hand Cream Rose Water Review

When people talk about their daily routine, they hardly talk about hand creams. For them, their regular moisturiser or cream works good enough or do they?

Regular moisturisers are designed for your thicker skin, which is the reason behind them being so oily and sticky. They are not designed for the soft and much gentler skin of your hands. This is the reason why always carry a hand cream with me and use it. Hand creams are not there just to moisturise your hands but they also help in healing them and protecting the gentle skin of your hands and palms from getting damaged due to excessive dryness. They also help in keeping the nails and cuticles in good condition as well.

If you are convinced about using one, here is a review of one of my favourite hand cream - The Face Shot Daily Perfumed Hand Cream in Rose Water Fragrance.

According to the Brand

A daily hand cream that can be conveniently used according to your mood, this sensational hand cream is all you need to keep those heads turning! Enriched with the goodness of Rose Water, this formula is born with a gorgeous whiff of perfume that leaves your hands super attractive. Here's a beauty goodie you will absolutely adore ladies. It's a sure winner to fantastic hands!
  • Enriched with rich essentials to help achieve smooth and healthy hands.
  • This product is dermatologically tested.
  • Created to give you a gorgeous Korean beauty experience.

Rs. 300 for 30ml


Ingredients are mentioned in the image below!

How to Use

Apply an adequate amount on hands and rub for absorption after washing hands or whenever hands are dry

Packaging & Texture

It comes in a cute pink tinted soft tube with a cap on it. Due to the tube packaging, it is rather easy to carry around and use. I always keep this in my purse, no matter where I am going. The texture of the cream seems a bit heavy initially but it is absorbed into the skin perfectly leaving no oily residue. It is very soft and smooth to touch. I love its very light rose smell reminding me about those floral talcs that we used as a child. Very faint and delicate floral rose fragrance, so it is good for people with sensitive nose or who do not like strongly smelled hand creams. However, it does not stay on hands for long.

You will need a very small quantity and it keeps hands soft for long hours. For someone like me who wash their hands several times a day or every time after touching something, this is really great. I love this hand cream.


  • Very cute packaging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Feather-light texture
  • Does not make hands feel oily or sticky
  • Moisturises well
  • Need just a little amount so little goes a long way
  • Worth money spent on it
  • If you don't wash hands frequently, you will not need reapplication


  • May seem pricey to some
  • For Dry hands, you need a couple application

Overall, I love this hand cream. For a nail art lover and artist, hand creams are a very essential part of their nail art kit. It helps in making those nail arts look more beautiful and elegant. I am someone who loves soft hands, so I always carry hand cream with me wherever I go. 

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