My K-Beauty Summer Morning Routine

Summer season can wreak quite a havoc on our skin. Sometimes its too dry, sometimes so humid and the sunburn caused by sunrays are just the visible part of it. After the effects of UVA and UVB rays result in premature ageing, dullness, pigmentation, tanning and what not. I have sensitive skin and it is prone to sunburn as well. Excessive sweating every now and then and sebum secretion causes acne as well on my skin. Therefore I like to take a little extra care of my skin during this season. For all you lovely girls out there who are looking for a skin friendly and gentle summer skincare routine, here is my K beauty inspired summer morning skincare routine.

Before beginning, the routine, you need to understand the needs of your skin. What kind of skin you have, what it needs most and so on before trying this routine. Personally, I don't like to add too many products in my morning skin routine since I have to step out in the sun and dirt which can cause damage if I have too many products on my face, more than it can absorb. You can always add or remove steps, according to your needs.

Double Cleansing

Double cleansing has been a boon for my skin. It is acne prone sensitive skin so keeping it clean is always my first priority but stripping it off natural oils is not what I want. So I use The Face Shop Rice cleansing oil to remove all the gunk and dry skin with sebum off my skin that has been accumulated all night. gently massage it for about 30 seconds or 1 minute on your skin and wash it off with water.

Follow it with The Face Shop Rice Water Brightening foaming face wash or any other foaming face wash you like. This is my current favourite as it does not strip my skin of natural oils and is very gentle on the skin. It does not dry out my skin but leaves a nice clean feel.


After double cleansing, you can follow it with a toner. Here, you need to pay a little attention to what kind of toner you are using. Alcohol-based toners can make your skin feel dry and parched so it is better to avoid them. I use Dear Klairs Supple Preparation toner and just like any other Korean beauty toner, this is moisturising in nature but not heavy. It is absorbed into the skin instantly leaving a healthy plump glowing skin.


Sunscreen is a must for summer if you want to protect your skin from premature ageing, tanning, pigmentation and wrinkles. I was using Innisfree mild UV sunscreen with SPF 35 until now but now since the actual summer season is out here, I feel SPF35 is not enough for me. So I got Dear Klairs UV block. This has SPF 50 with PA++++ and is very lightweight on the skin. It does not make my skin feel oily or dry.

If you feel the need, you can always use a moisturiser before sunscreen, but I have combination skin and I feel that this much hydration is enough for me. Girls with dry skin might want to add an extra layer of toner or lightweight gel-based moisturiser before using sunscreen. Girls with oily skin can leave moisturiser as these are enough for hydration.

BB Cream

I like to keep my makeup lightweight during the day time so BB Cream is just enough for me. I have two BB creams, one is by Ponds White beauty BB Cream with SPF30 PA++ and another one is Dear Klairs Blemish cream with SPF40 PA++. These are lightweight and works well with my complexion and skin. You can also try these out, or any other BB cream with similar texture and suitable shade.

Use products, that are suitable for your skin and use them in the right quantity. Using too much doesn't mean that you will get results quicker. It will take its sweet time to work on your skin so take a little quantity and work it around on your skin gently.

Share your thoughts on this with me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!