Simple ways to deal with holiday weight gain

Growing up in an Indian family who loves to celebrate festivals, no matter which one it is, can be fun. You get to celebrate every now and then, having lots of people around and eating yummy food. As much as eating can be fun, dealing with that extra weight gain is never easy.

And being a foodie can make it worse when you have to think about calories when platter of sweets and delicacies are served in front of you. Here is how you can deal with that extra weight gain without worrying about food,

Take it lightly!

If you are binging on food and have been doing it since Diwali, you might have put on several Kilos until now. Accept your body and take it lightly. It is ok to eat and gain weight if you love food and your love is not crossing your limits.

Start walking

Sine you are taking in extra calories in form of mithais, fruit cakes and muffins, it is time to do a little extra in day to day lifestyle. Start walking for small distances. If you can walk around 2-3 kilometres a day, it is enough to keep your metabolism high.

Healthy lifestyle while being foodie

Drinking water long with eating is necessary along with consuming lots of roughage. If you are going to indulge onto a chocolate cake, do consider having a light salad with lots of roughage at the end of the day.

Take the stairs

Taking stairs instead of escalator or elevator can help in burning those extra calories you consumed from your favourite kaju katri or rasmalai. Take off your heels and get started!

Love your body

What if you have taken up a few Kgs? Do not let others shame you for eating. Eat healthy, be healthy, and be happy as long as it makes you feel good. Lose weight if that makes you feel good or just let it be!

Lots of Love!!!