Nail Art Danglers: Take your manicure to the next level

Danglers, whether pierced in the nail or stick on look really pretty. They are not meant for every day manicure but if you want something special and unique for special occasions like your wedding or birthday, they are just for you!

From Kim Kardashian to all the popular nail artists have tried this nail art trend. If you are thinking that pierced nails popped in just now, well no!

The Nail Piercing Trend Is Peak '90s—And We're Here for It!

Accent nail dangle nail art!

Elegant charms dangle nail art!

Hoop dangle Nail Art!

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Hello Kitty Dangle nail art

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Cute little dangler nail art ideas!

Go overboard with dangler nail arts!

Chain Link Dangle Nail Art

Kim Kardashian Pierced Dangler Nails

You can buy drilling tools and danglers online at a budget friendly price. Do try them if this nail art trend entice you!

For those who find drilling a hole in the nail a bit weird and risky, stick on danglers are also available for you. Buy these charms and try this nail art trend for your special days. 

What are your thoughts on this nail art trend? Share it with me!

Lots of Love!!!