Popular 2016 Nail Art Trends You Can Still Rock

The year 2016 was full of surprises and exciting nail art trends. From runway to streets, we saw so many nail art trends that were out right creative and a little weird too. Today, I have curated few of the nail art trends that rocked 2016 but are still popular among nail art lovers and nail artists. Let's go through them!

Negative Mani

Pic Credit: Paulina's Passion

Negative mani trend started from the runway and spread like fire among all the nai art lovers. the easy availability of the nail art striping tape made it rather convenient to play up all kinds of negative space mani. It was very popular in 2016 and so is now, just add a few glitter and studs to rock the nails.


Pic Credits: Nails by freckles

Dropping blobs of nail polish on wet base nail polish creating some of the most unique manis, blobbicure is not just creative but fun too! You do not have to be a trained or practiced nail artist for doing it. Just let your imagination run wild free. Different color combinations and patterns will give you new nail art every time!


Foils made it rather easy for one to try different patterns for manicure. If you have mastered the art or yet to do so, you can still do it this year. Foil nail art, however with a little variation in pattern is still very popular. Mix them with different nail art elements for the stylish look!

Chrome Powder

Pic Credits: Cosmetic Proof

We all have tried endless metallic nail polishes in effort to get those breathtaking mirror nails. Making those mirror nails easy to have, chrome powder took over the nail art world with a bang. Initially it was available in just silver and gold, but now you can get chrome nails in every possible color with dual and multi tone hue. How are you gonna try it this year?

Nail Dip Powder

Pic Credits: Kiara Sky

After huge success of chrome powder, hair comes the nail polish powder for making your gel manicures stand out. Instead of waiting for the gel polish to dry, trying to get the perfect manicure every time, nail powder can make it much easier. you can create patterns, designs, ombre effect with a smooth even look. Also, no need to be worried about getting it on your cuticles!

Pic Credits: Chickettes

Hope you loved all these nail art trends. If you have any other nail art trend on your mind, which can make this list, do share it with us in the comment section below!

Lots of Love!!!


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