NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati Collection: Review & Swatches

Finally after 4 months, I have reviewed and swatched My NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati Collection. Last year, I pampered myself with a huge haul of NewU nail polishes which is one of the cheapest yet amazing nail polish brand I have known. Although the quantity is a little less, but hey... this allows us to buy more and try new colors, isn't it!

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NewU Nail Enamel Collection: Review & Swatches

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati Collection consists of almost all the glitter colors you can imagine. From fine textured nail polishes with glitter particles to the colorful confetti ones, you can try out various options. Very few good brands are providing this huge variety in glitters!

According to the brand

Celebrate those lazy, hazy, crazy days with a special pack of NewU Nail Enamels, perfectly sized to stash in your purse. The high-quality formula comes in the season's hottest on-trent fashion colors. Go for it, there are zero calories in this indulgent decadence. Easy to apply, Easy to remove, gentle on nails, Variety of beautiful nail finishes from neon to glitters.

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati Nail Enamel Collection

Price: Rs. 75 for 5ml

Pink Sapphire, Rose Quartz, Red Flash, Silver Chrome, Green Pearl, Silver Pearl and Outer Space are from Glitterati range.

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Pink Sapphire 109, 5ml

Pink Sapphire 109 is my favorite of all the glitter nail polishes from the collection. Huge gold and silver hexagons, small glitter particles in red, green blue, magenta, gold, silver and holos milled in clear base makes it a perfect top coat for any nail polish. I tried on top of my black nail polish to jazz it up!

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Silver Chrome 112, 5ml

If you love nail polishes with holographic effect, this is the one for you! Silver chrome has holo glitter dust, with small pieces of silver holographic hexagons milled in clear polish. I could not quite get the holographic effect while clicking the pic. I tried it on top of my pastel gray nail polish.

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Green Pearl 81, 5ml

As the name suggests, Green Pearl has large green colored hexagons milled with glitter dust in clear liquid. This one came out as a disappointment as after shaking the bottle several times, I had to fish hard for getting those green glitter particles. Consistency of green hexas is not considerable!

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Rose Quartz 108, 5ml

Rose Quartz was one of the colors of the year 2016, a very pretty and delicate shade, I thought it will be fabulous for glitter top coat. Glitter consistency is a little better than the green one, but still, it could have been better. 

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Silver Pearl 80, 5ml

Silver Pearl glitter nail polish has large silver hexagons mixed with smaller colorful glitter dust in clear polish. Over here, I tried it in one coat so it can work great for accent nails!

NewU Nail Enamel Glitterati, Icy Cool 79, 5ml

Icy Cool is a silver nail polish with large silver hexagons mixed in silver base. On drying, it gives a textured finish. This is my second bottle of textured nail polish, previous one being from Maybelline. The quality and quantity is same but the price is half in NewU. If you wish to try textured nail polishes, this is the one to go for!

So far from NewU!

Waiting for other nail polish collection from the brand now...

Glitter Nail Polish Tip

If you want to remove the nail polish, dip the cotton ball in acetone or nail polish remover and cover your nails with it. Leave the swab over there for about 20-30 seconds. This will help in removing the glitter particles, without damaging your nails. 

Hope you loved it!

If there are any suggestions, do share it with me...

Lots of Love!!!