Revlon Summer MatteNess Nail Enamel Collection: Review & Swatches

Revlon launched Summer Matteness Nail Enamel Collection last year, but very few know about them. Even about 8 months later, all the colors are not available in the market. Since matte nails are hot these days, all the nail polish and nail art lovers are trying to get their favorite shade but all in vain. In India, very few brands have launched Matte nail polishes, and only about a handful of them have it in budget friendly prices,

+Revlon Trends being one, launched Revlon Summer MatteNess Nail Enamel Collection of 8 matte polishes. They had a matte top coat earlier but this collection is like a fresh breeze among rest of the polishes available.

Revlon Summer MatteNess Nail Enamel in perfect matte offers an assortment of Cool Matte, Rosy Matte, Flaming Matte, Hot Matte, Sunny Matte, Coral Matte, Crimson Matte and Marine Matte. Adding to the collection, Matte top coat is also available at the same price if you are interested in turning every nail polish into matte!

Price Rs. 190 for 8ml

Let's have a look at all the shades available in the market!

Revlon Marine Matte 529

Revlon Marine Matte 529 is a refreshing shade of aqua blue or teal blue with matte finish. This is my favorite of the lot. It really compliments my short nails without being too overbearing. Smooth finish in one coat!

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Revlon Crimson Matte 530


Revlon Crimson Matte 530 is a pretty fuchsia pink color with matte finish. I love how the color stands out. But you will have to apply two shade for the perfect color!

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Revlon Hot Matte 525

For the red lovers, Revlon Hot Matte 525 is just perfect. Apply two coats for adorably fierce red matte nails!

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Revlon Matte Top Coat 494

Really affordable and good quality matte top coat, Revlon Matte Top Coat 494 can turn your basic nail polishes into matte ones. It is good for you if you love matte nails but are unable to find in a shade you want. Time to mattify all your nail polishes and nail arts!

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Revlon Sunny Matte 528

Credits: IMBB

Credits: IMBB

A happy sunny yellow, Revlon Sunny Matte 528 can really cheer your day up. Bright yet little on the pastel side, this yellow matte is a must this summer. Do apply two coats for smooth finish.

Revlon Cool Matte 527

Credits: Notonlymakeup

Revlon Cool Matte 527 is not very impressive to be true. Color is not very summery enough for me. you will need two coats for perfect finish.

Revlon Rosy Matte 526

Credits: IMBB

Credits: IMBB

Rosy powdery pink, Revlon Rosy Matte 526 is just adorable. A little on the brighter side, it can make your nails pop out instantly. Do apply two coats for perfect finish.

Revlon Flaming Matte 524

Credits: Corallista

Revlon Flaming Matte 524 is red with warm undertones, sort of orangish. If you like warm colors, it is a must have. Apply two coats for smooth finish!

Have you tried any of nail polishes from Revlon Summer MatteNess Nail enamel Collection?

Lots of Love!!!