Best Nail Polish Brands Available Under Rs. 100

We all love beautiful nail polishes and colouring our nails with them. But sometimes due to budget, especially for college and school going girls, it is difficult to be extravagant with these little bottles of joy. There is a common misconception that good nail polishes are very expensive, but let me tell you that it is absolutely wrong. There are several nail polishes that you can buy and try under Rs. 100 without harming your nails. the quality of all these brands is impeccable and the finish, wow. So, let's get started with the Best Nail Polish Brands Available Under Rs. 100.

Elle 18 Nail Pop

Cost: Rs. 50 for 5 ml

Credits: Blushingshimmers

Elle 18 has always been one of my favourites for budget makeup. They have recently revamped their nail polish brand adding more colors to it. At Rs. 50 for 5 ml this is a steal for you. 

Miss Claire

Cost: Rs. 60-85 for 6ml

Miss Claire is a fabulous budget-friendly brand available for cosmetics lovers. But my favourite is the nail polishes from the brand. A wide range of shades is available for nail polish lovers with quick dry, gel finish, glitter and neons. You can order these online with the entire range varying from Rs. 60-85 for 6 ml of nail polishes.

TS Color Police Nail Enamel

Cost: Rs. 70 for 9ml

This is a very new brand and they have a massive range of colors. The nail polish bottles look classy and the formula is so amazing. It dries up fast on the nails and stays on for a long time. Check out their vibrant shades and make TS Color Police nail polishes yours for Rs. 70 for 9ml.

Blue Heaven

Cost: Rs. 85 for 8.5ml

Blue Heaven is a well-known name in among Indian ladies. My mother used to apply only Blue Heaven nail polishes until Lakme hit the market. Changing their look and adding more colors, the brand is loved by everyone. This matte range is a steal at Rs. 85 for 8.5 ml. Try all 24 shades available with this brand.

Street Wear Color Rich

Cost: Rs. 60 for 5 ml
Another Variant: Rs. 110 for 8ml

This is also another fabulous brand that provides budget-friendly nail polishes with a nice range of colour and quality. Recently the brand has launched another variant which is priced at Rs. 110 for 8ml and it has a very nice range of colors too. The brand offers 30 shades in that range. 

Lakme Truewear Nail Color

Cost: Rs. 100-155 for 9ml

There are two ranges available with Lakme brand in the budget range, True wear and True wear Color Crush. True wear is marked at Rs. 100-110 for each bottle having basic everyday wear colors. On the other hand, True wear Color Crush is priced at Rs. 155 for each bottle having vibrant colours. You can try them all. Some shades are priced differently by the brand in the same range, I wonder why...

New U Nail Polishes

Cost: Rs. 55-75 for 6ml

NewU has a great range of nail polishes and I like them a lot. These are vibrant, long lasting and budget friendly. They have different ranges such as Pastels, Bright colors, glitters and metallics. Each range is priced differently but under Rs. 100. Try them!

Brands that are just above Rs. 100

Apart from the nail polish brands that are available under Rs. 100, I thought of sharing the details about the brands that are just above Rs. 100 but under Rs. 150. You can try these in case you wish to go a little extravagant. Let's have a look.

Maybelline Colorshow

Cost: Rs. 110 for 6ml

The brand offers a wide range of colors at just Rs. 110. You can buy Maybelline Color Show nail polishes and show your nails around. Very nice pigmented shades and lasting is good too.

Lotus Herbals Colour Dew

Cost: Rs. 130 for 7ml

Lotus Herbals is known for its skin care products, but do you know their nail polishes are also great. Try these Lotus Herbals Colour Dew nail polishes at just Rs. 130 for 7ml. Very vibrant shades that last long. Also, you can get a decent discount on these if you buy from online stores.

Faces Splash Nail Enamel

Cost: Rs. 109 for 8ml

Faces Canada has a great range of nail polishes. I have recently added a few more to my stash. You can also try these and enjoy them on your nails. All these nail polishes are very pigmented and last 4-5 days on the nails.

These were some of my favourite budget friendly nail polish brands. What are yours?
Tell me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!