FACES CANADA Ultime Pro From Neverland Nail Lacquer Felicity 40 Review

I have a new found love for glitter nail polishes and top coats. This seemed to be a very cute colour so I had to get it. There are several other shades in this From Neverland Collection by Faces Canada which are themed around unicorn dual colour shades with glitter confetti in them. Let's take a look at this one!

Shade: Felicity 40 

Cost: 275 for 6ml

This is a good sheer nail polish which can be applied as it is on the nails or used as a top coat. You can see in the images down below, I have done both. I can't seem to capture the blue-pink dual unicorn chrome particles that this nail polish has in images, but you will love it when you see it with your bare eyes. It seems to be blue but when you apply it, it is very faint bluish tint that comes from the chrome finish. It is filled with white confetti which gives it a chic texture, not too loud. It dries up nicely with even finish and lasts for more than 5 days on your nails. Mind you, it might turn yellow if you will eat spicy food with turmeric with your hands. 

I hope you loved it. Have you tried this range from Faces? If yes, do tell me about it in the comments.

Lots of Love!!!