Colorbar Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer Blue Sky

I have been a fan of Colorbar nail polishes from quite some time and love the new look they have. So to try the new formula and see what is different about it, I ordered this one very cute blue nail polish.

Shade: Blue Sky 152

Cost: Rs. 250 for 12ml

It is a very calming blue shade and looks good on everyone. I love the shape of the bottle. You all must have faced the problem with older colorbar bottles where it was difficult to reach the nail polish as it decreases. This new shape helps to reach the bottle with ease. The applicator is also nice, picks up nail polish nicely and gives a smooth finish. The formula is non-chipping and non-yellowing so you can apply it with ease.

This lasted for about 5 days on my nails and after that I removed it.

Will soon buy some more from this brand.

Lots of Love!!!


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