Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener Review

Us nail art lovers have one problem, nail polishes and acetone affecting the nail quality. Using gel nail polishes, acrylic nail polishes, paints and the rigorous process of applying them and removing them can take a toll on your nails. They start chipping, drying out, losing their sheen and looking dull. Mine also had the same fate after several fake nail application and acrylic nail application. They had cracks on them, used to chip and break. So, for the sake of my nails, I got Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener to help in improving its texture. Let's have a look at the review.

According to the brand

Bolster soft, thin and ridged nails with this emergency thickener.
*Measured layers of nail protection.
When your nails need protection against bending and breaking, our exclusive Calcium and Ceramic Gel formula builds a hard shield. Ridges and imperfections are filled in, for thicker, harder, stronger nails.
Apply 1 coat to bare nails. For extra thin nails, apply daily for up to 4 days. Use alone or as a base coat.
Miracle Nail Thickener™ is a must-have for any emergency mani kit!
Step into your always-on salon. No menu. No rules. America’s #1 nail brand, Sally Hansen puts the power of self-made beauty in your hands, with salon-tested solutions and on-trend colors.

Rs. 580 for 13.3ml  

There was a sale going on so I got it for a mere Rs. 290.. Flat 50% off!


(mentioned in the image)

How to Use

Instead of following the directions mentioned on the pack, I did some moderation and has helped a lot in getting the results. So, here it goes!
  • Remove existing nail polish from your nails.
  • Buff it a little and wash your hands to remove any acetone.
  • Apply like nail polish to your nails and allow it to dry.
Repeat this process every time you apply new nail polish. In case you have very brittle and thin nails, do not take this off and reapply on the previous layer. 

My Take

This is not a polish! It does shine, but the product is a sealant which is meant to be left on, not removed with a chemical. So it wears off as your nails absorb the material and grow out. It glides on like a polish with a brush, no bubbles. I apply it on my nails before using any nail polish or gel polish. This helps in protecting my nails from all the chemicals present in nail polishes which over a period of time making them weak. It has been about 3 weeks now and my nails are so much better and stronger. 


  • Works perfectly as promised.
  • Nails are stronger and thicker
  • Visible changes 
  • Helps to protect nails
  • Dries up faster
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Decent price for the quantity and quality
  • Easy to carry around


  • May cause bubbles if nails are not buffed
  • Price may be a concern
  • Difficult to take off with acetone. You have to grow it out.
  • Not easily available

Have you tried it? Tell me in the comments below what was your experience. 

Lots of Love!!!