My First Miniso Haul | Shopping Review

I finally visited Miniso!

I was like this little kid left loose in the candy store when I reached there. So many things I wanted to buy and try. The entire store was filled with these cute little pastel coloured things ranging from beauty, fashion to home and decor. Anyone who loves minimalist yet stylish things would love this brand. We went to the Malviya Nagar store which is a small but considerable Miniso store ( My next store is the one located in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, a bigger Miniso store)

What I Loved here!

First of all, the ambience of the store was just amazing. With the gentle music in the air and loads of cute pastel and kawaii things around, it was a pleasure shopping here. Except, I didn't like the staff here, they were a bit loud and crass. It was kinda spoiling the feel of the brand and ambience so m hoping that it is better in other places.

The store offers a wide range for you in beauty, fashion, toys, accessories, bags, decor, and basic utility. It is the ultimate place for cute little things and fabulous Kawaii feel. Since this Malviya Nagar store was small so don't expect to see a lot of variety over here, although you will get a considerable range. But for a better experience, I will advise you to visit the bigger store.

See what I got!

I wanted to buy a lot of things but had to stop myself for next time (bigger better store, remember). Still, I got 4 things for myself. I will talk a little about them and mark their prices as well in the description for you. Have a look!

Miniso Peel-Off Nail Polish

Rs. 90 per piece

I had heard about these peel off nail polishes so it was obvious for me to get some for myself. I picked up 3 nail polishes - Pastel purple, Copperish glitter and one clear polish. I will review them soon on the blog!

Miniso Anti-UV & Whitening Sunscreen

Rs. 350 for 50ml

Since summer is here, I thought of picking a sunscreen as well. There were several variants in sunscreens but this one was golden in colour and very cute. Stay put for the review!

Miniso Slingbags 

I wanted to buy all of them but finally settled for 2. The blue sling bag was for Rs. 690 and the Mustard yellow sling bag was for Rs. 790. They are quite sturdy, spacious and quite stylish I must say. Can't wait to try them!

Cheap but good quality

Miniso is known for its cheap but good quality products. all the products were marked at budget-friendly prices so everyone can find something over here. There were lipsticks starting from Rs. 190, various cosmetics in the budget range, perfumes were there, plush toys, undergarments, fashion accessories, bed and bath products, decor, kitchen utensils, phone accessories, electronic items, handy tools, you name it and they had it at a surprisingly low price. 

I am soon gonna visit them again!

Have you been to your nearest Miniso store yet? Share your experience in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!