Miniso Hydro Glossy Lipstick | 06 Berry Red Review

I made my second visit to Miniso and got a couple of more things. I love this store, filled with cute and budget things. So, this time I got  Miniso Hydro Glossy Lipstick. It was so cheap, I had to get it. There were very limited shades available in the store, which is a bit weird thing for Miniso store, Every store has tons of cosmetics but very limited shades. I really want them to stock up on all the shades. That's for another time, let's get started with the review!

According to the Brand

Bright colour and moist formula to nourish your lips, restore the lip lines, make lips more comfortable. Effectively maintain colour to create a beautiful long-lasting look


I got Berry Red 06 to try it for the first time. I loved many other colours over there in the store, although they were quite limited. But I wanted to try them out before splurging on the rest of the colours.

Berry Red is a very fuschia pink sorta colour with blue undertones. Make sure to apply double swipe for proper colour turn out.

Rs. 190 for 3.5 grams


Packaging & Texture

The lipstick comes in a white case with a transparent top cap. It is standard revolve to take out the lipstick bullet design. I loved the texture of the lipstick, very smooth and creamy, as mentioned in the name "Hydro Glossy". It glides smoothly on the lips. It is a very light formula, you will not even notice it is on your lips.

My Take

I have been hooked on matte lipstick for a past couple of years so it took some courage to try this glossy lipstick. And to my surprise, I loved it. The texture is smooth and silky, glides down my lips, Also, it doesn't make them dry after some time of the application, which most of the lipsticks do. I wasn't expecting a very nice pigmentation with this lipstick since it is available for just Rs. 190, but to my surprise, it was pretty darn well. I have dark lips and a single coat of lipstick was enough to cover it well. However, I needed two swipes for proper colour. It lasted for about 6 hours on my lips which was definitely an achievement for this lipstick. It transfers a little, but not much. The glossy finish stays on for a couple of hours then turn into the creamy matte finish.

It does not settle in lines or create creases as it fades away. Covers them pretty well!


  • Smooth glossy texture
  • Does not settle in lines while fading away
  • Moisturises lips, contains beeswax
  • Suitable for dry weather
  • Very affordable and good quality
  • Survives between meals
  • Long lasting glossy to matte finish
  • Bright colour with nice pigmentation
  • Easy to carry and use


  • Transfers a little
  • Availability is an issue since you can get them only in Miniso stores
  • The creamy texture might not survive hot weather in your handbag

At this price, it is a steal. I loved it and will get a few more shades. There were other lip colours with higher price ranges too but I will stick to this for now. If you have tried Miniso lipsticks, do tell me about it in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!