Cuticle Nail Art Is The New Minimalist Trend

If you use the words "simple" and "low-key" to describe your taste in nail art, you probably already follow Betina Goldstein on Instagram. The editorial manicurist turned jewellery designer churns out tastefully minimalist nail art on the daily, and we're predicting her breakout signature style — cuticle striping — is going to be everywhere this spring.

As the name implies, the manicure features a glossy, but completely bare base nail, with a skinny colourful stripe hugging the curve of the cuticle. Goldstein tells us the look creates an interesting balance between next-to-nothing neutrals and statement colour. "This design is great for when you want to use those bright neon colours or fun glitter polishes, but don't want to cover your entire nail — or even a large portion of it — with anything loud," she explains. Scroll down for some our favourite takes on the look, plus a step-by-step guide to DIY-ing it before it's all over Instagram.

To get the look, pull out your clear base and top coat, an accent polish, a thin striping brush, and a piece of aluminium foil. "Start with a sheer coat of base polish to even out the nail bed," instructs Goldstein. "Then dip a skinny brush in the colour polish and wipe any excess by running the brush along the aluminium foil."

To get the right curve, Goldstein recommends starting the stripe as thin as possible, then gradually increasing in thickness toward the middle of the nail bed. "I like to start at the left edge of the nail, starting the line thin and gradually increasing the width, then getting thinner again as you reach the right side of the nail," she says. "Don't worry if your line thins out mid-way, you can always do a second coat if you need." And make sure you're painting the actual nail, and not the surrounding skin or cuticle. We recommend keeping some nail polish remover and a brush nearby to fix any mistakes.

To finish, brush on a thick top coat like Essie's Speed Setter.

If you want a full-coverage look, you can use an opaque nude or blush-toned polish, like OPI's Tiramisu For Two, as your base. Add a teeny-tiny heart decal to your glitter cuticle curve to keep with the minimalist vibe.
Other nail artists are calling this look the Reverse French manicure — because it looks like a French tip flipped upside down. This one is a Reverse French rainbow, and we're so into it.

One of Goldstein's favourite looks is the electric blue stripe. She uses Essie's sheer pink Gossamer Garments base coat and Not Invited by Nails Inc for the blue.

Unlike Goldstein's technique, this stripe maintains its thickness across the curve of the cuticle. But the colour scheme is on par, with artist Hang Nguyen using Jinsoon's sheer Tulle shade for the base and the brand's glittery gold Verismo for the accent.

If you want to elevate your striped art, consider unexpected black dashes or spots where there would be a line.

The only thing we love more than this glossy terracotta polish is the skinny stripe of silver at the cuticles of the ring and pinky fingers.

Hope you enjoyed all these cute nail art designs. Tell me what you think about it in the comments down below. 

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