Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick Collection | Review & Swatches

Finding that perfect lipstick for your office is never easy. On my checklist, there are just too many things which a good lipstick has to qualify to be that perfect 9 to 5 one. It should be highly pigmented, stay on my lips for more than just a couple of hours, be non-transferable, be in my budget and should have a decent range of colours for different moods, outfits and occasions at least to pass it. I found more or less all the qualities in Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte lipstick collection. Let's have a look at them...

The entire range consists of 30 lipstick shades containing all kinds of pinks, browns and reds which we all love and prefer to wear for office. From the lighter shade to the darkest one, this range contains all suitable for the working environment. Made for the working women of India and to reduce her time spent in touch-ups, the lipstick formula contains primer, giving you a good finish with amazing pigmentation.

Suitable for all skin tones

What I love the most about this range is that it is made by keeping every Indian woman in mind and not just the lighter skin tone ones. No matter what your skin tone is, you can surely find a bunch of lipsticks to match it over here. I am a girl bestowed with dark lips but light skin tone which makes it very difficult for me to carry lighter coloured lipsticks or those sweet pink ones. Even other shades came off differently on my lips due to the dark colour. However, Lakme 9 to 5 primer tends to cover it up well giving off pure colour, just the way I want.

Although I have many favourites in this range, these three I love to carry in my bag all the time.

Out of all these, Peony Goal is from the first 9 to 5 lipstick range without primer. It is nude matte shade with mauve pinkish undertones and minute glitter particles.


Rs. 480 for 3.6 ml 

You can definitely find it at a lower price on different online shopping websites. Just make sure to buy it from a trustworthy website, otherwise, you will end up with fake ones.


I am in love with the packaging of Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks. The gorgeous rose gold finish of the case is just so pretty. It closes with a click so you know it will remain intact in your handbag even if it is loaded with a lot of things. It is quite travel-friendly for that matter.


The formula of these lipsticks is very nice. It glides down smoothly on your lips. However, since it is matte, you will need to exfoliate your lips gently to remove all the dead skin otherwise it will look weird. I also prefer to apply a little moisturiser before putting the lipstick on. Although it is creamy but it is good to apply lip balm before matte lips.

Shades and Swatches

Here are all the shades that I have listed along with the skin tone it is best suited for. You can choose it accordingly or go as your heart desires.

MR12 Crimson Catch: Brick Red (dusky skin tone)

MR7 Saffron Gossip: neon orange (light skin tone)

MP7 Rosy Sunday: a earth (light to medium skin tone)

MR10 Red Rebel: coral red rose pink (medium skin tone)

MR11 Berry Base: a darker version of Rosy Sunday an earthy berry colour. would be great for those with dusky skin tones (medium-dusky skin tone)

MP21 Fuchsia File: neon barbie pink (light to medium skin tone)

MR9 Red Letter: a stunning earthy red (fav) (light to medium skin tone)

MR4 Cherry Chic: a warm chocolatey brown (all skin tones skin tone)

MR6 Vermilion Fired: a neon orange (light to medium skin tone)

MR5 Rosate Motive: a rosy brown colour (light to medium skin tone)

MB14 Maple Map: a soft peachy brown (light to medium skin tone)

MB1 Coffee Commando: A yellow based brown (light to medium skin tone)

MP20 Pink Post: a medium fuchsia pink (light to medium skin tone)

MB3 Brownie Point: A greyish brown (light to medium skin tone)

MP18 Plum Pink: Plummy magenta (medium-dusky skin tone)

MB12 Choco Break: a reddish coffee brown (medium – dusky skin tone)

MP 17 Rosy Mind: coral (all skin tones)

MB 13 Caramel Cut: a medium pinky peach. Very similar to Maple Map. This is a bit deeper. (all skin tones)

MP 16 Pink Perfect: very similar to plum pink. It’s a true magenta. (all skin tones)

MB9 Cabernet Category: Very similar to choco break. This one a bit deeper (medium to dusky)

MR 18 Maroon Mix: Midtone maroons (all skin tones)

MR 22 Scarlet Surge: Orangey Red (all skin tones)

MR20 Ruby Rush: Pinky Red (all skin tones)

MR 8 Orange Edge: True orange (light to medium skin tone)

MR 1 Red Coat: Warm red (all skin tones)

MR 12 Sorbet Tuesday: yellow based pink (light skin tones)

MR 19 Crimson Cue: Coral red (all skin tones)

MB 11 Espresso Shot: deep cocoa brown( medium skin tone)

MP 19 Blush Book: peachy pink (light to medium skin tone)

MR 21 Brick Blush: brick red (all skin tones)

Did you love them? Have you tried any of them?

Do share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

Lots of Love!!!