Lakme 9 to 5 & Makeup Revolution London Nude Lipsticks: Reviews & Swatches

As a makeup lover, I love to have several cute lippies in my collection. From vibrant reds to subtle nudes, I have a lot of lip colors, lip crayons, and lip glosses. I usually review nail art products, nail polishes and anything related to nail with a few exceptions of course. several months back, I reviewed Sugar Matte As Hell Scarlet O'Hara Lip crayon and Street Wear Color Rich Ultramoist Lipstick- Pink Passion.  

Both of them are bold shades and my favorite of course. 

Today, I'm here with reviews and swatches of my nude lipsticks. Nudes, Buffs, Browns, no matter what you call them, they are our favorites as every day lip color to the office, in meetings or as a subtle lip color to go with smokey eyes. 

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Nude or Buff lipsticks are a must have in the vanity box since it is great for the days when you want to keep it simple and classy. Some of the Indian offices and corporate offices do not allow bright and bold lip colors, hence a swipe of buff lipsticks will keep you looking perfect without compromising on fashion as well as office rules.

Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Peony Goal

This is my favorite nude shade or buff shade. I have dark lips which makes it a bit difficult for me to find that perfect lip color. The other day a girl came up to me and told me that she loved my lip color and how she wishes to have the same asking about the shade and brand. I was a little embarrassed as well as proud  at the same time, because, I was bare lipped. Not even gloss was applied that day. 

Peony Goal by Lakme 9 to 5 Matte lipstick is milky mauve shade with a hint of brown and pink. Pink Peony has lots of golden pinkish glitter particles which made me a little not sure about the lip color, but after sometime, I started liking it. If I want to tell the shade specifically, it is milky copper!

It comes in a sleek tube with mirror finish. the light copper shade with mirror finish is certainly very classy and I adore it like anything. The cap closes firmly with that distinct sound of *tuck*. Very convenient to travel with in your handbag!

The lip color glides on smoothly and gives a feather light matte finish. It lasts for about 3 hours with snacks and coffee in between. I have fair skin, but the lip stick is also suitable for girls with whitish skin. However, girls with dark skin tone might not like this.

I will suggest that you apply generous amount of lip balm on your lips after exfoliating them, before applying the lip color. It tends to make your chapped lips look cracked with all the glitters in it. Lip balm and exfoliation will help in preventing it.

Ingredients: Not Mentioned

Cost: Rs. 450 for 3.6ml

Swatches are given below

Makeup Revolution London The One

The palest color lipstick in my whole collection, this will definitely give anyone with a warm skin-tone an ill look, however it is perfect for lightening-up any shade so I will be getting my moneys worth from this one! The texture is soft, and pretty pigmented, although it does have the tendency to sit in the fine lines on my lips, so again used alone this wouldn’t be the most flattering shade!
It is not suitable for girls with dark lips like me but with a little experimentation or as a concealer for lip, it is fine.

 It is certainly not easy to travel with because of loose cap. After only about a week, even the name written on the black tube was wiped off like it was never there. Also the texture is very creamy hence, might break. While clicking it for the review, I damaged it big time. You can see it in the pictures. It is so vulnerable and feeble. Makeup Revolution London The One seems to be a waste of money to me but I will try to make a good use out of it. 

Cost: Rs. 450 
But I got it for 250 due to some discount.

Ingredients: Not mentioned.

Swatches are here!

Do share your thoughts on this. Also, which nude lipsticks are you using?

Lots of Love!!!


  1. lovely review the colours look gorgeous on you

    1. Thank you +kerona! I would love to see your nude lipstick collection.


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