Matte Nail Top Coat:DIY

Are you looking for that perfect matte top coat but unable to find one at the local store? Are those expensive branded matte top coats seem to be a little out of the budget? Well, I have the perfect solution to your woes.

Matte Top coat- DIY

How about making your own matte top coat with simple tips and get that hot and sexy Matte look for your nails and nail art!

All you need is: 

1. Cornstarch
2. Clear nail polish or top coat
3. Spatula or small spoon
4. Aluminum foil or paper to make the funnel

1. Make a funnel out of aluminum foil or paper.
2. Take out 1 spatula full cornstarch. Make sure it is smooth and lump free
3. Put the funnel on the mouth of the nail polish bottle.
4. carefully add cornstarch to it using small quantities at a time.
5. keep mixing it using a tooth pick or bobby pin to remove all the lumps.
6. Cover the nail polish bottle and shake it well to get rid of all the lumps.
7. Apply it on the nail and voila! You have just made the Matte top coat.

This process can also be done using talcum powder or baby powder. Not just top coat, you can also turn your regular colored nail polishes into matte polish through this DIY.

Given below are few video tutorials for DIY matte top coat.

Hope you loved the tutorial. Do share your thoughts on this along with experience if you have tried this one.

Lots of Love!!!


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