Go Retro: Retro Inspired Nail Art Ideas That Will Make You Drool

Retro fashion are making a huge come back with bell bottom jeans, overalls, jumpsuits, minimal styled outfits, shift dresses and bomber jackets. you can see it all around you in the fashion weeks and local macy's store. Seeing so much vintage trends all around me, I decided to do my own little version of Vintage or Retro inspired nail art blog which has every popular element from the 50s, 60s. 70s and even 80's. From the elegant polkas to the bang on pop art, these nail art ideas have everything you need for that Oh so fantastic look!

Lets get started!

Jewels and gems!

Outlined nails with jeweled accent nail art.

50s Malt Shop

This retro look is a simple design that reminds us of banana splits, roller skates, and a great jukebox.

The Comic Pop Up!

Pop up art in form of comics is one of the most popular form when it comes anything retro!

Done by NailsbyNMbeauty

80's Abstract nails!

Inspired from the color splotches, geometrical prints, zig-zags, lines and dots, everything an abstract print has. 

Ice-cream soda parlor nails!

Seeing these, I can only think about those ice-cream parlors. 

Vintage Jewels!

Cuts, geometrical patterns and edgy style, all in one with this gorgeous nail art

Lines and Stripes!

Colorful striped nail art!

For the love of Polkas!

If you love polkas in every shape and sizes, these retro and art deco inspired nail art ideas are just for you. 

Colorful stripes yet again!

The Great Gatsby Style!

This nail art is perfect for people who love colors with minimalist styling!

Abstract with a hint of matte!

Ice-cream sundae!

Pastel colors merged together for a refreshing ice-cream sundae inspired nail art in Retro style.

I hope you loved all of them and enjoyed it as much as I did. Share your thoughts on this with me. 

Lots of Love!!!