KFC is Launching Edible Nail Polish & It Will Blow Your Mind!

I heard this news first on Glamour.com and was equally surprised. My first thought was, I might eat that entire polish, will it be flavored or actually eatable. Just another reason for my to stock up on Nail polishes for the Zombie Apocalypse or any doomsday without anyone batting an eye in my family. 

Without any further ado, lets get started!!
When I first learned about KFC's upcoming chicken-flavored nail polish—oh yes, you read that correctly—I first made sure I wasn't living in an alternate universe in which pigs fly and hell is covered in snow. Then I started to ask the inevitable questions. First, why? WHY?


Apparently, the nail color line is a limited release available only to lucky KFC connoisseurs in Hong Kong as a fun and slightly disturbing marketing ploy. On one hand (pun so intended), it's kind of funny and weird in the same way as MAC's '90s-themed Troll collection. On the other, what's the point of painting your nails if you're just going to lick off the polish? 

kfc- chicken-nail-polish-3.jpg

Because that's the actual intention of this collection. Seriously, KFC worked with McCormick, the spice company behind the chain's secret flavor mix, to dream up two flavors: Original (a glitter-flecked nude) and Hot & Spicy (a sparkly orange). Original is actually pretty cute for spring...if, you know, it didn't taste like fried chicken.

Even if you've read this entire post and still have no idea what to make of this news, there's one thing we can all agree on: It gives a whole new meaning to chicken fingers.
So all the lucky ones living in Hong Kong or visiting Hong Kong in the near future, do try to get your hands on this one!
Lots Love!!!


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