Nail Art Designs Trending This Season

Shine on with the coolest nail art and beautiful designs that will make you flaunt your hands all the more. Manicure accompanied by nail art brings lots more freshness. Booming up in fashion, nail art looks cool and feminine at the same time. The nail art trends keep on changing from time to time but there are some which are meant to stay, with a little twist. We have curated some gorgeous nail art trends which will stay by your side in every season.

Match the season

Rainy season gives a fresh feel and so does this nail art. Try out this watercolour inspired nail art with a plethora of colours. Make your accent nail stand out with this design.

Real flowers

Floral is girls' all time favourite . Try real flowers this time . Being unique it will make your nails stand out. So, what are you thinking? Start collecting those wildflowers!

Add a bling

Feeling a lack of jewels in your wardrobe? Now, flaunt them via hands. ADD bows , thorns , swarovski and shine on! Make your nails bling...

Start with the dot

Can't make an elaborate nail art? No worries, Dotticure is just for you. Go mad with the dots!

Add sparkle

You can also add some glitter to your nails. Use a brush and some make up glitter if you don't have any nail art glitter with you. Add it to your wet nail colour. They match well with your cocktail dress.

Pastel colours

Pastel colour combos minimalist swipe of colours and a little glitter can make your nails a true work of art. Try when you need something quick!


Loved to doodle on your nails? Why not do it on your nail? You can start by painting them white and using that sharpie or felt tip pen to create crazy but original designs on your nail. Just remember to top it with top coat to seal your nail art.
What are your favourite nail art trends? Share with me in the comments below!

Lots of Love!!!