Exquisite Wedding Nail Art Ideas for Your D-Day

For every bride, her wedding day is very special. She puts in all the efforts and hard work in making it the most memorable day of her life. After carefully picking up the outfit, makeup and hairdo, and her nails, she wonders how she will look on her special day. Every single person attending the ceremony will be paying attention to the way the bride will be looking, watching every single detail. 

On this special day, you deserve nails in their best condition. No fuss, no mess, and nothing hurtful. Choosing nails for the day is not an easy task as you have to think about every little thing associated. The nails should not be too long as it might hinder in the preparation. They should not be too short as it will look weird and lost. If you are confused about the best nail art for the D-Day, we are here with some fabulous ideas that will help you in getting the most gorgeous bride friendly nails. Let's check these out!

Mismatched accent nails

The delicate and romantic manicure is the excellent variant for the bride. The classical white tips suit perfectly in this case. It is necessary to form skillfully your nails into the fine shape (for example square-shaped). Cut neatly cuticles. Then cover the nails with nail polish of body-coloured hue. Draw the “smile” with white nail polish. The line of rhinestones and acrylic painting on the nail of the ring finger add this image.

Rebellion bridal nails

The classical manicure looks delicate and bright. The reason for it is the correctly chosen design. Pink and white hues combine harmoniously together. The simple uncomplicated design of the nail of the middle finger adds to this manicure some vividness. And the big rhinestones on the little finger add some glitter. This is the wonderful manicure that suits great for the light spring dress.

Negative space bridal nails

This original French manicure is the excellent variant for the wedding day. The tips are made in the technique of the geometrical design. The rhinestones are used for the decoration. They add the nails some glitter and festive mood. Such design will be the beautiful finish both of the bride’s wedding image and of any other holiday.

Put a bow on it

This is the original wedding manicure. The white design is best suited for the creation of some delicate image of the bride. Choose the various rhinestones and the gems for the decoration. Make such design to your taste: it can be the bow tie, the line or the smile. The nice neat tips in combination with the half moon technique look very harmonious.

Elegant rhinestoned bridal nails

The classical white manicure is made very often for the wedding. It isn’t very practical in the casual life, because it soiled very quickly. The rhinestones are used for decoration of the manicure and add its more festive look. They are put in various ways and wide lines. The pearls can be used here for more delicate effect.

Accent bridal nails

This is an elegant manicure, which combined the techniques of nail art – the half moon and French techniques. The nails should be formed into a square shape for this manicure. Then cover the nails with body-coloured nail polish. The tips are painted in a classical way – with the help of white nail polish. The accent is made on the ring nail with the help of lovely pattern and rhinestones near the lunula. Such a manicure is multi-purpose: festive, casual and even wedding.

Coloured bridal nails

To emphasize the beauty of your hands, you should think of the conception of the manicure. The soft pink nail polish suits well for it. Form your nails into the square shape and make the black tips. The stripe should be thin. The embedding into the edges of the nails is of the middle level. The additional effect is created with the decoration of the lunula on the nail of the ring finger with the help of beige nail polish and the lines of the rhinestones.

Simplicity at its best

The simpler the better – this rule goes well with the creation of the manicure especially if you want to make your image more romantic. Such design suits nice for the bride. Look, how feminine the fingers look, which are varnished with transparent pink nail polish. The main thing is to form the nails into the ideal shape (in this case – into the half square). Some d├ęcor is used here to emphasize the elegance.

Some other gorgeous bridal nails!

I hope you loved all these and will be inspired by them. These nails are great for any brunch with your family or such soirees where you need to dress up elegantly.

Do try them and share your experience. What is your favourite bridal nail art style, tell me in the comments below. 

Lots of Love!!!