Simple tips to make your footwear last long

I am guilty of being a crazy footwear lover. Whenever I see a footwear whether it is heels, wedges, peep toes, sandals, slip-on, chappals, or anything which is cute, stylish and attractive, I have to make it mine. But my heart breaks when any of my favourite pairs starts showing signs of ageing or starts degrading. You all might have experienced the same thing especially the ones who have tons of shoes piled or stocked somewhere in the house or in the closet.

For all those crazy footwear lovers out there, I have simple tips for you to take care of your pretty little babies!

Leather shoes

Leather shoes need regular cleaning and care of wax polishes or shoe cream. Select the closest colour to your shoe- if in doubt, use a natural shade. Before cleaning ensure that the shoe is dry and remove all surface dirt and dust with a damp cloth. Antiqued finishes should be handled carefully.

Suede & Nubuck shoes

Due to fine nap of these leathers, extra care should be taken when cleaning. Gentle use of a suede brush with a nubuck/ suede cleaner will remove most stains. If your shoes get wet, let them dry naturally, then brush them gently with a brush.

Please note: Nubuck and suede leather cannot be guaranteed as entirely colourfast and therefore some loss of colour may occur.

Fabric shoes

Once dirt and dust have been removed, clean with a rubber brush or fabric cleaner. Fabric shoes are generally not washable as this can permanently damage the fabric and its components. Machine washing should only be carried out if stated on the product.

Leather soles

The leather sole is a natural product, which offers a breathable, flexible sole. Because of its porous nature, the leather sole will get wet in water, therefore we do not recommend excessive use in wet conditions. After a period of time, the soles will wear away even under normal conditions, making it necessary for the sole to be repaired.

Every footwear

If you are hoarding on footwear, make sure to clean them well before storing. Use a fine brush to dust off the dirt and debris, if there are any, wipe it off with a wet cotton cloth or shoe cleaner. Let them dry off for 10-15 minutes, wrap them in shoe wrap or bag and put them in the shoe box or where ever you store them. You can also stuff them with tissue paper to maintain the shape of the shoe.

How to give your shoes a longer and better life

  • Have plenty of shoes for each season, if possible; this will give time to your shoes to get the treatment they deserve. Rotate shoes at least once every other day. Because footwear material compresses when you walk, they need time to bounce back. 
  • If you use leather shoes, give them time to dry. Leather shoes allow perspiration to your feet but retain the moisture, which will eventually cause the shoes to dry and crack. 
  • Use a shoehorn every time you wear shoes, this will prevent the back from breaking down.
  • When travelling, use shoe bags; this will prevent the soiling from getting in touch with your clothing. If you turn your shoe bag inside out, you can use it as a shoe mitt.
  • Replace your shoe when they thin out. Heels should be replaced when the corners start to wear down. If you allow heels to get worn out, your posture could b affected. 
  • Suede and nubuck leather shoes require a special brush to avoid the nap of matting. Suede tends to get shiny with dirt, brushing will break the dirt and restore it. Before going out, you should spray your suede shoe with the specific product to protect them from water and stains.
  • Invest in a shoetree. This way your shoes not only retain their original shape buy also dry out faster.