Mouth Watering Ice Cream Nail Art That is Perfect For Summer

Having an ice cream every evening or on the way to the beach is a summer ritual for most of us. This yummy treat can cool us down when the temperature rises any time of the day. It is my perfect way to freshen up during Summer season. Available in a waffle cone, a pint tub or lick lolly, I can never say no to ice cream. If you are in love with ice creams as much as I do, these nail art ideas inspired by this delicious summer treat will make you crave for more. Let's make the nail polish drip down the nail...

Butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry.. which flavour do you want for your nails?

This ice cream nail art with striking accent nail is so cute!

Love this cone french manicure ice cream nail art!

One more scoop of this ice cream nail art, please!

How about this ice cream nail art with 3D effect!

This ice cream nail art is so cute!

And this ice cream cone nail art is so drooling!

Let that ice cream drip down the nails! 

Who wants a unicorn ice cream on the nails!

This Ice cream nail art is so Kawaii!

I want a lick lolly, right now!

 If you love all these adorable ice cream nail art ideas, it is time to make them on your nails. Get started and show them to me on Crazy Nailzz's Instagram and Facebook handle. 

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Lots of Love!!!