How To Apply Nail Polish Perfectly?

When I started applying nail polish, it was a humongous task for me. Sometimes the coat will be too thick, sometimes too thin, weird uneven lines used to show and keeping it on the nail only without staining my skin with polish was nerve wrecking.

I know a lot of you face this problem, especially when we are getting late for the party or office and we have to apply nail polish. It will spill around the nail, on the cuticles and on sides which is obviously difficult to clean with wet nails and when you try it is going to smudge the nail polish already applied on the nails!!

Fixing that is another hassle of its own!

Applying a nail polish is not a rocket science but it can get messy very easily especially when you are in hurry. A lot of girls have been asking me about proper way to apply nail polish, but trust me there isn't any proper way. you just have to keep a few things in mind while painting your nails.

Courtesy: Paper thin nails
For all the girls like me fussing over the art of applying nail polish, I have here an easy tutorial that will explain the basics of nail polish. Trust me, after this you will be applying nail polish like a pro!

Let's check out the tutorial on how to paint your nails perfectly!

I hope you loved this tutorial and will try all these tips soon. If you have any suggestions or tips for us, do tell me in the comments below. We love your ideas!

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