KiloCheese: Taste with a Dash of Health- Review

When you crave for good food, no one wants to worry about calories or its side effects. We all love to enjoy a yummy meal of delicious pizza, creamy pasta and a refreshing drink, however, due to the inches it adds to your body, we try to keep a distance from it. How about I tell you about someone who can help you to enjoy a yummy meal without the side effects of the fast food. And yes, it does include your favourite Pizza!

KiloCheese, a cheese-themed food delivery service located in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon is here to change the way you eat with its healthy pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, waffles, yoghurts and drinks. If you are thinking about tasteless diet pizza, KiloCheese food is far from that. I got an opportunity to see the making of the pizza in their base and it was amazing.

Preparing the dough using wholegrain wheat and semolina from scratch, spreading homemade tomato pizza sauce on it and topping it off with healthy locally grown vegetables, paneer and gourmet cheese, yes this is the pizza I want to have every day!

It is a revolutionary healthy alternative for all the food lovers who want to stay fit without compromising with the taste of the food. A brainchild of Devanshu Bose, KiloCheese emphasizes on serving healthy food such as pizza which everyone loves and craves for, taking inspiration from New York Pizza revolution. Instead of using thick crust pizza, they went for thin crust pizza loaded with fresh toppings, sauces and cheese while keeping it low calorie using semolina flour.

I got an opportunity to see how they make their pizza, waffles, shakes and yoghurts. It was mesmerizing how using just a few ingredients, one can create such tastier healthier food. It was low calorie, filling, delicious and budget friendly at the same time for anyone who is planning to stay healthy while enjoying their cheat meal.

 I really loved the fact that KiloCheese does not use any kind of preservatives, and everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients.

The chocolate banana waffle was my another favourite after pizza. It had the right crunch even after being in packaging, (I asked for extra crunchy). The sauce was delicious, I liked my bowl off along with those caramelised bananas.

The sandwich, on the other hand, was not my favourite. It was Paneer schezwan sandwich so I expected it to be a little spicy and tangy while it was on the sweeter side. A mix of sweet and spicy, not suitable for my flavour buds.

The mango yoghurt had the right amount of sweetness to it, making it a good healthier option for anyone watching their calories.

Even the oreo chocolate shake was delicious. It was made using frozen yoghurt instead of milk, making it suitable for people on low-calorie diets. KiloCheese uses jaggery sugar instead of the processed one so these sweet treats were quite healthy and delicious.

Since it is a food to deliver service, the packaging was my main concern. Unlike many other food delivery services, KiloCheese does not use foil to pack your food but instead, they use food grade plastic containers and bottles, except for pizza and sandwiches.

If you are looking for healthier pizza and sweet treats, KiloCheese is the place to be. It is located in Sushant Lok, Gurgaon, and deliver in Gurgaon only right now, but if you are in the area, you can pick it up as well. Go ahead and order one for you now!

Do share your thoughts with me on this if you have already tried it or want more suggestions of healthy food services in Delhi NCR area.

Lots of Love!!!