My Sadar Bazaar Haul: Cheap Handbags and Jewelry Shopping

For someone with a budget, it can be a bit difficult to grab some stylish jewellery pieces and handbags. Either we have to head towards the street stores where one has to bargain like hell to get the right price ( we all know the tricks, don't we ladies?) or wait for the End of Season Sales on online stores to get that cheap price. But who has the time to wait for so long?

So, in search of the cheapest jewellery and handbags, I went deep into the streets of Delhi! Sadar Bazaar, a popular wholesale market known for selling amazing stuff at an unbelievable price. From beauty products to clothes, one can buy everything over at the cheapest price possible. All you have to do is to look for the right stuff and right shop selling good quality products. If you have never been to Sadar Bazaar, I will also tell you how to reach here and what to expect in the shops.

Let's unveil my recent Sadar bazaar cheap handbags and jewellery haul.

How to Reach Sadar Bazaar?
It is easy to reach this amazing shopping hub from any corner of Delhi. You can take Delhi Metro from anywhere and get down at New Delhi metro station. Come out and take an E-rikshaw going towards Sadar Bazaar. It will cost you Rs. 10 to reach this place.

Another way is to get down at R.K. Ashram metro station and again take an e-rikshaw going towards Sadar Bazaar. This is rather quicker and shorter way to reach there at the cost of just Rs. 10.

Do not even try to take your own vehicle to get into the market, you will be stuck like anything in the streets flooded with people. Find the nearest parking zone away from Sadar Bazaar if you are coming in your own vehicle.

What to Buy or Why to Come to Sadar Bazaar?
Sadar Bazaar is the best place to buy suits, salwar kameez, and any other clothing pieces like dupattas at wholesale prices. It is best for the wedding shopping when you have to buy a lot of gifts for your guests and relatives. You can also buy handbags of all types ranging from small clutch bags to larger hobo bags at wholesale prices. Bridal jewellery, fashion jewellery and boho chic jewellery pieces are also available here at the cheapest price. You can buy beauty products from popular brand along with fake hair, accessories, and anything one needs for doing any kind of hairdo or makeup over here at wholesale prices.

My Shopping!

My favourite place to splurge is Rui Mandi, Sadar Bazaar, which is closer to R.K Ashram. Both sides of the street are filled with jewellery and handbag shops.

Gorgeous box clutch bag

I wanted a nice golden box clutch bag for the wedding season but the prices shown at online shops and local market were very high. So When I saw this bag, I couldn't stop myself from buying it. You will not believe its price without bargaining! (most of the shops do not allow you to bargain, they have a fix wholesale price)

It was just Rs. 400!

You can see in the images how big this is. The bag is quite spacious, allowing me to keep my phone, cash, lipstick, kajal, gloss and tissue papers easily. There is a zipper pocket in between which can be used for keeping changes. 

The quality of the clutch bag is really good. It has a plain golden shimmery fabric on the back side and stone studded fabric on the front side. There is a golden chain as well which one can use for slinging the bag. It is of good quality which has not dulled down or become blackish even after several uses. ( I went for Sadar Bazaar shopping in January so please forgive my late blogging about the shopping haul)

Jewellery pieces that I got!


The market was full of gorgeous bridal jewellery sets and party jewellery sets but I was more interested in earrings. I got these Jhumka earrings at Rs. 30 and trust me, I was surprised as you are right now!

This tasselled earring set was just for Rs. 40. I love its design a lot. It is very modern and chic, perfect for the club nights and my dresses. 

These ones were just for Rs. 40. 

These colourful beaded chandbali styled earrings were just for Rs. 50. 

These Tibetan styled colourful beaded earrings were for Rs. 50

I am quite into afghan style jewellery these days so I got this enamelled earring set for me from Sadar Bazaar. It cost me Rs. 50 only. At Janpath, you cannot get them at this price!

These mayur design earrings were also for Rs. 50 only. They are one of my favourite ones these days! Goes well with western as well as Indian outfits. 

It was my first visit to the market and I bought so many earrings. Wish I would have carried more cash with me. Here are some tips for you, if you are planning to visit Sadar Bazaar market,

  • Carry cash with you, as most of the shops do not like to accept cards for small amounts. 
  • Be careful of your belongings as this place is full of pickpockets. 
  • Stay ready to face a lot of crowd before entering the market. 
  • Come early as it is less crowded and you will get an undivided attention of the seller. 
  • Explore the market a little before start buying.
  • Do not come on Sunday as 90% of the shops are closed. You will just find a shit load of a crowd, street vendors selling stolen goods (new ones) and just a couple of shops. 
It is a bizarre but great shopping experience. You must visit it!

Do not forget to share your experience with me!

Lots of Love!!!