Easy Ways To Style Crop Top For Indian Girls

Crop the old fashion rules and pair up your style of a crop top with the end number of bottoms to choose from. The new generation of fashionista is not holding back when it comes to creating their unique style factor, so why hold back yourself. Crop tops are popular not only with College girls but also with the party freaks. From day-in to day-out, you can wear this adorable outfit and stand out among with rest. To ignite your fashion inspiration for the summer season, here are some fabulous ideas to wear your crop top!

Match the max - Black crop top!

Clever way of trending up with ongoing fashion with the minimal of detailed tops present in your wardrobe. Simplest of all is to have a Black crop top and match them with your either of long skirts - vibrant or neutrals!

Graphic crop tops - Reveal your inner self

Graphic tees or neon colours look cool as ever. Be it leather or floral prints on cotton cloth, short skirts stay out to be the hit with our Bollywood celebs. You can catch these Graphic crop tops with any brands like "Forever 21".

Baggy crop tops - Hides away your doubt of showing off skin

If you are not comfortable with being clubbed into a fitted top, You always have an option to wear loose one. Pair up a loose crop top with pegged trouser or hot pants.

Off shoulder crop tops - Reveal a little more of your skin

Show off your beautiful collarbone with the off shoulder top. Go out with zero accessories and pair your off shoulder fitted crop top with the culottes or the maxi skirt.

Crop top with overalls

Overalls take a different outlook when worn with the crop tops. You can go for either loose or fitted one to enhance the dungaree style.

Go cropped - go along!

Wear your own style of a crop top with the front being short and elongated back. This type of crop top will make you feel even more comfortable with the version of the crop top.time

Corset style crop top - Beat the scorching Indian heat with singlets

Party mood or day out with friends? Choose from the single strap corset-style crop top and just get into your comfy flip flops or flat sandals.

If you loved all these styles for carrying crop top this summer season, tell me in the comments below.You can also share your thoughts, ideas or suggestions for the blog with me as well.

Lots of Love!!!


  1. I find it a bit uncomfortable to wear crop tops... Will try them in baggy style with high waist pants.


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