Hottest Nail Art Trend For Fall

Fashion weeks are a great place to know more about the on going nail art trends. What are the colors becoming popular, which trend made it most on runway, what style was shown most on models' nails and so on, you can find out many nail art related questions over there.

On the ramps of New York Fashion Week S/S 2018, there was one style which made it most, Negative Space mani!

Yup, our very own favorite negative space mani with minimal detailing is one of the favorite nail art done by many models. Simple but bold, negative space and minimalist manicures are on-trend for the fall season.

One of the simplest negative space mani was simply outlining the nails of models and topping it with a clear polish. To create the look, models’ nails were first buffed and filed down to a shorter length, and then topped with Dual Top/Base Coat. Manicurists used a thin striper brush to carefully outline each nail with white, red, or metallic navy. You can use any color of your choicefor recreating this runway look!

Negative space mani is perfect for girls worried about nails getting chips and cracks often. There is very less nail polish to show chip. It also takes less time time to do the nails. If you are a busy bee and are not able to take out time to go to salon or doing your nails at home, negative space nail art is perfect for you!

Do give it a try this fall season. Use preppy pop up colors to brighten up your fall!

Lots of Love!!!


  1. This negative space trend is easy to do and yet so classy to look at. So far I only tried this using shimmered, glittered and holographic nail polish.

    1. Hope to see some of your nails! Share it with me on Facebook at

  2. Thanks for sharing these trendy, simple and nice look nail art designs, which are easy for everyone to apply on their nails.


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