12 Things only Delhi Girls who work in Gurgaon will understand

If you are a Delhi girl who works in Gurgaon just like me, you would have surely realized that returning from office might be a happy moment for most, it is a Herculean task for you. Your travelling time sometimes exceeds your sleeping or working time.

Dealing with buses that never comes on time, fighting for a good seat in shared auto and endless traffic is an everyday thing for you....

You spend your maximum time commuting

Time taken for reaching office and coming back exceeds the total time you spend in office. You have even contemplated on whether it is worth it to go to office every single morning or not!

You have forgotten how your breakfast tasted

Eating in metro or in your car is a usual thing now. Parathe kulche wala bhaiya knows your taste and stays ready with your plate every morning!

If you travel by metro, most of your energy is spent finding a place to sit

Fighting with those aunties in metro for little space or trying to fit in the general compartment during peak hours is never easy...

You know almost everybody who travels at your office time till Huda City Center

Most of your metro journey time is spent playing games on mobile or listening to music.

You are the one sending those candy crush requests and have mastered all the levels in every game. Angry birds is actually a good stress buster....

If you by chance forget your phone or your phone's battery dies, boredom awaits

If you drive to work, your daily excuse to be late is traffic jam. Sometimes you imagine flying to office like Rajnikant.

Driving till Gurgaon means spending almost half of your salary on petrol

You have even thought about taking money from parents and friends just to survive until end of the month. 

While everybody is happy when its time to leave the office, for you it's a herculean task

If your friends ask you to go to Ambience mall or any other Gurgaon mall on a holiday, your answer is always a NO!

Your friends think that you get a five or six figure salary. Only you know your actual salary.

Most of your holidays are spent at home sleeping, eating or watching T.V.

You start waiting for the weekend on Sunday itself. Hafte mein 4 shanivaar hone chahiye coz you miss your home and bed so much.We girls have to deal with so much and Gurgaon is one of the major part of it!

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Lots of Love!!!