Hair care Tips For the Fall Season

Monsoon is about to get over in India marking the arrival of fall season. If you have had enough of the wet season with damp oily hair, fall is going to make it worse. Wind, dryness and a lot of dust, although they are part of our daily lives, but during fall season, they tend to rise. I love letting my hair lose but within one hour of stepping out, those luscious locks can turn into a birds nest forcing me to tie them up in a pony or bun. 

Are you worried about fall season and your hair? Let's look into the hair care tips for the fall season that I am gonna try this coming season!

Oil it up

Your mother have been telling you to oil your hair and you know what she is right, you should! With regular hot oil massage, you can increase moisture content in your hair preventing them from becoming too dry during fall season. Your hair needs extra moisture but in the right amount. 

Use hot oil before washing them for that extra softness. Almond oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin mustard oil, coconut oil and ayurvedic oil concoctions are quite useful. 

Keep dandruff away 

Dandruff is the biggest problem during fall and winter. It not only makes scalp itchy but can be rather annoying at times when you can see it falling on your shoulders, and around neck. Most of the dandruff shampoos are harsh on your locks, making them frizzy. 

Instead, you can use Aloe Vera gel or neem oil. Massage your hair with aloe vera and leave it overnight. Wash your hair in the morning with mild moisturizing shampoo. Aloe vera has amazing properties preventing bacterial and fungal growth causing dandruff. It also works as a good conditioner for your hair. Similarly Neem oil has antibacterial properties preventing dandruff naturally. Massage your scalp with neem oil and wash it with a mild shampoo. 

No coloring in Fall

I do not recommend coloring your hair during fall season. No matter how high quality hair color you use, it has chemicals and it is going to affect your hair. If you have been coloring regularly, make sure to increase the dose of conditioning made especially for colored hair. Coloring hair during fall season can increase hair fall so use the right products.

Go natural

Avoid chemical based hair products as much as possible, if you want to make your hair shiny and soft. Go organic! Use natural products made with organic ingredients. Several ayurvedic brands are providing affordable hair care productss. If you want to save more money, use kitchen herbs for making your hair luscious. Natural products, also keep hair from product buildup, major cause for dryness and split ends. 

No blow drying

Avoid blow driers and try to dry hair with a towel to retain the moisture. Blow drying is quick, but it strips off the hair natural moisture leaving it dry and frizzy all day long. 

I hope all these tips will help you in keeping hair soft, luscious and gorgeous. If you have more tips or suggestions, do share them with me in comment section below!

Lots of Love!!!


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