5 Signs To Tell If He is The Right Guy For You

Spent about 5-6 dates with the guy and still wondering if he is right for you? Yeah, it has happened with most of us in search of that one perfect guy to spend our life with. You are scared to take this relationship further, I think I can help in making the decision. 

There are small gestures which drop hints of the person being right. You must start looking for those subtle hints while being discreet about it.

Let's get started!

Respects you like a queen

Yes, love is definitely important; after all it is love that brought you both together. However, a relationship is incomplete without the basic core element of respect. Look out for small gestures. Such as opening door for you, helping you out with a chair when going to a restaurant and valuing you, which speaks of the insurmountable respect he has for you. In short, if you feel like a queen, surely you have landed up with the right guy.

Shares his deepest secrets

Trust me guys really have deep dark secrets, but are not good at expressing them. If you find your guy sharing some of his secrets pertaining to college life or family, this surely means that he trusts you enough to be spilling out the beans.

Involves you in everything

Is he involving you in everything- right from shopping of his apparels to taking you along in official parties? He surely is deeply involved with you.

Helps you out in completing chores

If your guy is finding time to help you out in simple chores such as cooking food or making your bed, it is a small yet subtle hint that he is perfect for you. Just make sure he is doing something the guy is good at, otherwise it will be a complete disaster for you! ;)

Plans out romantic dates irrespective of his busy schedule

With a 9 to 5 job and stressful work life, if he is taking out time to spend with you, planning romantic dates, this surely speaks of your importance in his life.

If you can spot even one of these signs, you truly have got your ‘Mr. Right’.

Lots of Love!!!