7 Ways to Pamper Yourself This Weekend!

Are you feeling bored? Have you been working too hard?  Living in a city like Delhi, traveling to Gurgaon or Noida daily to work, dealing with traffic, office ki chik chik and so many other problems makes all of us stressed out. It is time to take a break from your monotonous life and pamper yourself on this long weekend. After all, you deserve it!

Relax at home or step out with your besties, here are 7 tips to rejuvenate yourself and give your body and mind a break.

Plan a weekend trip with your friends

You can plan a road trip. Just enjoy the long drive with your friends. You can even go to nearby resorts if you are not a fan of travelling. It is time to plan that weekend getaway!

Plan a girl's night out party

Credits: Liveinstyle &Maquina

Head to Hauz Khas village for a freaky girl's night out. There will be singing, dancing, eating and Boyssss!

Have a pajama party at home

If your parents won't allow you to go out at night, call your friends home. Stock your house with junk food, beer and rom-coms . Get dressed in your most comfortable and cute nightwear. Have a rocking night filled with gossip, games, movies, food and a hell lot of fun!

Book an appointment at a spa

Take a nice, refreshing spa! You can also go for a hair spa. Fragrant oils, soothing music, calm environment and your favourite tea is what you deserve after a hectic schedule.

Read a good book

A good book, your favourite beverage, a comfortable bed or a couch and light music is all that you need to relax this weekend.

Book a room in a luxury hotel

Clean white sheets, Room service, Jacuzzi, Bath tub, LCD T.V. and so on are just some of the advantages that you get after checking in a luxury hotel. And jumping on that cozy bed without worrying about it breaking. Book one to experience a heaven on earth... At least once in a while, it will be a good expereince.

Do nothing!

It is not always necessary to do something to relax. You can take a break even by sleeping the whole day or watching T.V. or just doing nothing.

Do something nice for yourself this weekend!!! You deserve it.

Lots of Love!!!