Bohemian Nail Art: Trend Alert

Over a period of time, bohemian culture has had quite an influence on the mainstream fashion trends and in some ways lifestyle too. Unconventional way of living, taking good of every culture, connecting it to the nature and transforming everything into an artistic style, lies in the core of bohemian way of living.

I love how this amazing culture has inspired the world of nail art giving some of the best colorful and carefree nail patterns. If you are into vibrant yet elegant unconventional nail art designs, these nail art ideas are sure to inspire you!

The Flower Power Nail Art!

Credits: Glitterfingersss

Turquoise stone nail art

Credit: Mananails

The night of the witches! Gorgeous bohemian nail art

Credits: Celinaryden

Elegant white boho nails

Such gorgeous water inspired boho nails

I love this beige earthy boho nail art!

Colorful gorgeous bohemian nail art

Bohemian nail art with accent finger nails

Simple bohemian nails with lots of rings and midi rings

Jewel inspired Bohemian nail art

Minimalist bohemian nail art

Tribal pattern inspired bohemian nails

What I love the most about bohemian nail art is that you have lots of options to choose from. There is no restriction on design. You can interpret bohemian lifestyle in your own way and transform it onto your nails. 

Share your way of boho inspired nail art with me!

Lots of Love!!!