Tribal Nail Art Trend: Quirky Nail Art For All Nails

Fashion is such a powerful influence that sometimes, we thoughtfully (and thoroughly) let our classic staples and favorite trends dress us from our heads down to the tips of our fingers and toes. Nails after all, are now microcosms of couture. And since the weather is starting to warm up, we’re now turning to brighter and bolder colors and prints to adorn our digits. 

What can be a better nail art inspiration for a bright nail art than Tribal nail art. When it comes to tribal nail art, Native American inspiration is evident in the super vibrant color palettes, indigenous motifs and intricate embroideries –all with a bohemian flair. 

Ready to paint your nails? Zoom in on these tribal-inspired nail art to complete your spring and summer wardrobe.

1. You can use Aztec prints to give an accent to your manicure. Choose a hyper-bright print for your middle and ring fingers, then where a solid base color on the rest of your fingers.

2. Mix and match prints you like. Just coordinate the colors so they look cohesive.

Credits: Chalkboardnails

3. Add a touch of gold to inject some glam to your fun prints.

Credits: Nailsbysophiaa

4. There is no right or wrong way to design your tribal art. Play with different patterns to create unique prints.

Credits: Nailzbymztina

5.  Tribal nail art with geometric prints can remind you of aztecs and egyptian tribes!

6. Take inspiration from aztec print outfits. Match it with bold colors and voila, you have the tribal nails perfect for the day!

7. A hint of ombre in neon colors with striking black tribal prints can work wonders for the summer season! 

Credits: Selinasnailart

8. A simplistic tribal print can also work wonders for that perfect manicure!

9. If you love, go for the finer details using bold and bright colors in tribal prints.

Go and rock all these tribal nail art ideas. If you have something of your own, do share it with me!

Lots of Love!!!


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