Looks created with blue eye shadow and eye liner was the major highlight of 2017 Resort collection.  The bold, vivid and energizing color of blue eye shadow sure livens up the face. But too much of it, you’ll risk looking like a clown or a peacock.

To avoid looking like an animated creature, here are tips for painting on the blue hue, the chic and runway-worthy way.

Note: Before getting started, it is always wise to choose a blue shade that is suitable to your eye shape and complexion. You need something which compliments your eyes and complexion without being too overbearing.

Start Light

If it’s your first time wearing blue eye shadow, it would best to go light –baby steps, so to speak. Stick to a soft, pastel blue so it won’t overpower your face and make you feel self-conscious. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, then you can start building on bolder shades and shimmery blues.

Blend, Blend and Blend

Blending prevents the blues from looking too harsh on the face. Darker shades should be used closest to the lash-line then blend it onto the softer hues on the lids. It creates a subtle washed out color that looks sleek and elegant.

Line Up With Blue

The easiest and perhaps the most foolproof way to wear the brilliant blue shadow is by using a neutral color on your lid and then lining the top or bottom of your lash-line with blue. You can even go bold on the top lash-line by creating a flick or cat-eye. And you can skip the black eyeliner altogether. The black with the blue shadow will just look too severe on the face. Instead, use navy, indigo or any deep blue to line your eyes to make those peepers pop.

Keep Lips Neutral

Since the blue color will make your eyes the focal point of your look, complement it with a neutral lip. A bold red lip will only create an offensive clashing of colors.

Try this tutorial for that amazing look using blue eye shadow and liner!

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  1. I love using blue eyeshadow. Nice tips!

  2. Thank you for sharing all these amazing tips!

  3. The blue shadow! it just amazing and your video quality is awesome. I also love to use makeups & my Liquid Matte Lipstick everyday. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.


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