How to make 'that time of the month' easy for women?

That time of the month…. Even mere mention of make us all shudder. For some of us it can dreadful with the mood swings, tiredness, irritation and agitation but have you ever imagined about people around us. How they have to deal with you when you are battling with the popular but not in a good way, Mr. PMS.

If you are the fighting this battle with your GF’s that time of the month, here is how you can make it easier for her and you, at least a little bit,

Pamper her

If you are good at massage, this is the time to show. Pamper her as much as possible, but don’t smother her. Light up soothing fragrant candles, play her favorite music or watch her favorite sitcom reruns.

Give her chocolates 

Chocolates are your biggest weapon against this time of the month. You need to stock up chocolate in every form, Ice-cream, biscuits, pastries, muffins, bars, cakes, syrups, spreads and anything else you can think. The more the better!

Do her chores

Make her feel special by doing her chores. She can feel a lot of pain and tiredness during that time of the month and by doing her work you can actually do her a favor. She will love it!

Watch rom-coms, without commenting

You might not be able stand those lovey dovey rom-coms but at this time of the month, you not only have to love them but adore every bit of it. Make a list of her favorite movies and watch them all without making any snarky comment.

Don’t say she is PMSing

Guys are into habit of pointing this out whenever a girl is agitated. It is forbidden for you to point it out, you never know how she might react. Beware of a PMSing girl!

Deal with mood swings, carefully

You should be ready to face a lot of mood swings. Battle each and every bit of it carefully with a well planned strategy.

Cook for her

Girls love to binge on food at that time along with chocolate. You can make something special for her to pamper her.

Listen, listen and listen

She might start talking a lot complaining about her pain, sanitary pad and maybe the way your hair looks or the fragrance of your new shaving gel. Just listen with sympathetic ear but do remember what she has said.

Keep her warm

Due to pain, she might feel chilly. Wrap her in warm cocoon of your arm or a soft blanket. She will love it and will adore you further more.

Periods can be very painful for girls, no matter what their age is. We already are dealing with shit tons of issues and works, you can do at least this much for making it easier!

Also, trust me... she will love you for this!

Lots of Love!!!


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