4 Nail Art Trends That You Need To Try This Year

Nail arts are fun and when it is attached to fashion world, it becomes fabulous. The world of nail art is forever changing just like fashion world. every season has a new trend, a new look or a new style for decorating our digits.

Credits: Goldnails

If you love to try new looks and styles, these  4 must try nail art trends will make you drool over them.

Chrome Nails

Although chrome nail made its humble debut last year, it is going to stay for the long run. This style isn't for the faint of heart, though: You're going to need some advanced manicure skills. But if you know the difference between non-wipe gels and water-based topcoats, follow these directions:

1. Apply base gel and color gel and cure.

2. Apply your non-wipe gel and cure. We recommend this process, but you can sub in a water-based topcoat instead of a non-wipe gel.

3. Once the topcoat is cured, dust the chrome powder with a makeup sponge.

4. Apply hard gel topcoat and let set.

Not So Classic French Mani

For Split French Mani,

1. File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish and oil residue.

2. Apply a base coat.
3. Using a striping brush draw two parallel lines in the center of the nail with the color of your choice.
4. You want to leave the center strip blank. Then draw a diagonal line from each line towards the edge of the nail. Once you have the outline of the shapes, fill them in. Tip: For this look to look the best you want the two parallel shapes to look as symmetrical as possible.
5. Finish the split french nail art with Top Gloss.

Foiled Tips

Foil nails are so easy once you get a hang of it. You can either do a full nail coverage using nail art foil or go with small shredded particles. Some of the nail polish brands are currently selling nail polish top coats with foils in it. You can even give a try to it as well.

1. Apply your base coat (pictured here in clear) and wait for it to dry.

2. Swipe a small amount of clear polish only on the tip of the nails.

3. Gently place shredded foil on the area, heavier along the edge to achieve a gradient.

4. Once dry, seal your look with topcoat.

Simple Geometry

Abstract graphics never go out of style, and the irregularity is a bonus—even shaky hands can achieve this look. To keep the design clean and simple, don't use more than four colors.

1. Apply base coat and follow it with your base color.

2. Use a skinny nail art brush to freehand your design. We recommend using the easy Scotch tape cheat for clean edges.

3. Finish the look with a clear topcoat.

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