20 Yummy Pastel Nail Art That Will Make You Drool

Summer time is the time for a lot of pastels whether it is for your clothes, makeup or your nails. I love wearing lots of pastel nail polishes, and believe me I have many of them. The delicate shades of pastel colors or powder colors as they are popularly called, these can add a touch of refreshing style to your nail art any day. Also, they are perfect for all occasions. Let's have a look at these 20 yummy pastel nail art ideas that will going to make you drool!

1. Smiley pastel nails with negative space!

2. Pastel polka dots on pastel contrast background!

Credits: Cosmeticcupcake

3. Pastel color block nail art with a bow on accent nail!

4. Single Stroke Swipe of pastel nail polish on a soft background adds definition to your nails!

5. Minimalist detailing with negative space brings out the beauty of pastels!

Credits: Sonailicious

6. A rainbow of pastel colors over the cloud- Perfect Mani!

Credits: elleandish

7.  Gorgeous acrylic mani with pastel french tips!
Credits: Margaritasnailz

8. Delicate floral stamped on sheer polish! 

9. Pastel nails with ombre effect! 

10. Sheer Holographic glitter nails

11. Pastel nails with diagonal stripe!

Credits: Sonailicious

12. Abstract nail art with pastels and contrast bright colors!

13. Pastel nail art with accent floral nails

14. Marble accent nail with matte pastel effect!

Credits: Lulus

 15. Colorful block nails in pastel

Credits: nailsbyvranana

16. Pastel nail art with colorful strokes around cuticles

Credits: Nailmachine

17. Gradient effect with holographic top coat nail art

Credits: Ifeelpolished

18. Pastel with negative space mani

19. Pastel rainbow nail art with tie dye effect

20. Simple pastel nails with studs

Credits: restonspolish

Try all these fabulous pastel nails this summer season. You can thank me later!

Share your pastel nails with me too!

Lots of Love!!!