14 Gorgeous Matte Nails You Must Try Today

Matte nails are my personal favorite. Simple classy look or a full fledged nail art with lots of studs and rhinestones, matte never seem to disappoint you. With wide range of matte nail polishes available, you can create any look possible or turn any nail polish or nail art into matte one by using matte top coat.

Design by @getbuffednails

You can do a lot when it comes to matte. Let's have a look at these gorgeous matte nails for the season!

1. Food Inspired Matte Nails


Recreate your favorite fast food brand logos or your favorite foods on your nails with matte finish. You will get endless compliments or maybe a discount at your favorite fast food restaurant.

2. Disney Nails with Matte Finish

Design by @getbuffednails

Take inspiration from your favorite Disney Character and create a fabulous matte manicure with it. Add a dash of glitter for glam effect!

3. Black and Gold
Design by @karengnails

For this look, start with a matte black nail. Add a metallic gold lacquer to your tips for a glam but minimal design.

4. Matte + Chrome

Design by @mpnails

If you want a higher contrast, apply chrome nail tape to your tips instead of polish.

5. Embellished Flowers

Design by @jessicawashick

For a textured floral nail, this design mixes matte polish, regular polish, and embellishments. Start with a matte base. Let it dry and then paint flower petals in a glossy hue. Finish the nail with crystal accents glued to the center of each flower.

6. Marble Matte

Design by @rosebnails

Instead of creating tie-dyed nailsin bright neon, choose a realistic Carrara marble design. You can follow the same steps as a traditional marbled nail, or you can freestyle the design by hand. Either way, use a paintbrush dipped in polish remover to gently blur the edges. Finish with a matte topcoat and voila: You match the bathroom marble.

7. Matte Neon

Design by @paintboxnails

Start with a neon orange base and then add an inverted V to each nail. Once dry, set the look with a matte topcoat.

8. Matte Pastel

Design by @palemoonseattle

On the opposite side of the color spectrum is the matte pastel, seen here in a negative nail design.

9. Minimal Half Moon

Design by @nataliepavloskinails

Try this easy negative design by painting matte black to the half moon of each nail.

10. Outlined Half Moon

Design by @rosebnails

Or reverse the design of the last nail for this look. Start by taping off your half moon. Add a matte black polish and wait to dry. Remove the tape, then outline the base of your nail in the same color.

11. Graphic Aztec Inspired

Design by @vanityprojects

Tape off your half moon in a triangle shape. Paint a taupe matte polish and let dry. Use a thin brush to add linear details.

12. Air Jordan III

Design by @krocaine

You can add a matte topcoat to literally any nail, like this detailed look inspired by Air Jordan III's.

13. Metallic Splatter

Design by @ladycrappo

Contrast a matte gradient with gold splatter for a celestial look.

14. Monochrome Polka Dots

Design by @aliciatnails

Try a monochrome polka dot design by starting with a matte base. Once dry, paint the dots with a glossy polish in the same color.

Try all these matte nails or any other. Share with me your views on this.

Lots of Love!!!