10 Unconventional Easter Day Nail art Ideas You Cannot Miss

Easter is here and it is time to color thy nails in cutest pastel hues in adorable easter elements. From chicks to bunnies we have been using all kinds of colors and designs for celebrating this day. How about doing something unconventional this year on Easter?

Let's have a look at these fabulous Easter Nail Art ideas,

1. Bright chirpy colors will make your nails stand out on Easter!

Credits: Sonailicious

2. Water marble nail art using bright and pastel colors can be as creative as possible for Easter Day Nail Art!

Credits: Nailexperiments

Credits: Chorubim

3. A mix and match of easter theme elements with a little florals!

Credits: ALacqueredaffair

4. Keep it simple using polka dots, lines and zigzag waves with mix of all colors! 

5. Pastel colored base with pastel contrast polka dots are perfect for Easter Day Nail Art!

Credits: Copycatclaws

6. Pastel colored base with contrast pastel french mani can keep it simple for Easter Day!

7. You can take inspiration from easter eggs or bird's eggs for Easter Day Nail art!

8. A dash of pastel florals with white mesh will look amazing for Easter day Nail art!

Credits: Mariepruitt

9. Matte finished pastel colors with diagonal stripes and bases can look amazing for Easter Day!

10. Color block with pastel colors and a cute bow can also work out for Easter Day Nail Art ideas!

If these Unconventional Easter Day Nail Art ideas are not enough, take a cue from these Easter eggs.

I best you have ideas floating for Easter Day Nail Art. Try these and share with us your views on how they turned out.

Happy Easter!

Lots of Love!!!