Quilt nails: A step towards easy 3D nail art

3D quilt nail art may look very stylish and attractive, but while making them we all wonder how to get the best look. If you are still pondering about the perfect nail art look with 3D quilt effect, I have some fabulous looks for you to try. 

Although it looks difficult and you might fumble while making one, a perfect quilt nail art is pretty much easy. All you need is a little practice and patience! With a light hand, and imagination, you can create the most fascinating quilt nail art looks in minutes. Shall we start?

Here are some 3D Quilted Nail Art ideas for you to binge on!

Fun 3D Quilt Nail Art Tutorials!

Why just see them and sigh in silence when you can make them on your nails? Have a look at these 3 fascinating 3D Quilt nail art tutorials and start making them on your nails!

Not just one but four different ways to do Quilted Nail art!

Gorgeous wedding perfect 3D Quilt nail art tutorial!

Check out this cute and sassy quilt nail art tutorial by Nailasaurus!

A quick look at how I did my quilted nails. You'll need a coloured polish, your favourite fast drying top coat, a matte top coat, some tools to make the lines and tiny studs / bullion /caviar beads. 1. Use three coats of colour - or as many as you need to create a thick base because it needs to be 'high' enough to make indentations in. My colour is L'Oreal 615. 2. Add your top coat and wait a minute. 3. Add one layer of matte top coat and wait 5 minutes. The polish should be dry on top but still tacky underneath. 4. Using whatever tools you need - I start off with a flossing stick to position my lines, then move on to a toothpick and pin to get in to the edges - PRESS parallel lines in to the nail polish. Avoid dragging the polish at all costs - only press. 5. Create lines going ' the other way' to make a tesselated square / diamond pattern. ... take your time and don't be afraid to repeat yourself. Keep at it until you're happy with the design but don't overdo it. 6. Finally, add a few dots of clear polish and attach your studs using a wax pencil. My studs are the 0.8mm gold ones from @bornprettystore. The song is 🎶 CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue
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