Mirror Nail Polish That Will Make You Go Crazy About It

Pinterest can be a very entertaining time suck. It's difficult to log on to the site without heading down a few black holes of recipes and beauty DIYs! The thing is, the platform is also a fantastic barometer of what's hot in the cosmetics world.

This week's main Pinterest attraction is The Mirror Nail Polish from Born Pretty. Like the name suggests, the polish is uber reflective, making it unique from any other metallic polish out there. This look isn't necessarily new — there are nail wraps available in the same finish — but there hasn't been a polish that can mimic the look until now.

The metallic shade is created in two steps: first, a base coat of clear polish, then a silver, reflective topcoat to create the mirrored effect. It's a bit sheer after one coat, but with two coats, the finish is stunning. Currently, the polish is the top pin in the Hair and Beauty category on Pinterest. And if you hop over to Instagram, you'll see countless photos and minitutorials showcasing how to use it.

You can purchase the product at BornPrettyStore.com, a destination for all types of nail art supplies, likes stamps, tools, and polish. Currently, it's marked down from $18 to $10 for both bottles. You can also find it on eBay — however, it's selling like hotcakes and stock is low.

Another cool product Born Pretty offers is a mirrored powder that you rub on your polish with an eye shadow applicator for the chrome look! This is just as mesmerizing to watch; you simply rub the powder on the polish and get a high-impact, reflective finish. It's unclear if this will work with any polish, but the site does suggest you use a UV base coat, gel polish, and topcoat. It does specify, however, that other topcoats cannot give the desired mirror effect.

So what do you think about this gorgeous mirror nail polish by Born Pretty? Will be trying this soon or will you stick to the chrome finish powder manicures?
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