Go around the world: Nail art ideas inspired by the travaholics

The feeling of when you are packing bags, grabbing your passport or flight ticket and boarding a plane for the next big holiday is immensely unbeatable. For a travel freak or someone who just loves to explore the world striking off places from the bucket list, anything and everything related to the vacation or voyage can cause butterflies in the stomach.

 I also love traveling, visiting new places and meeting new people although I am not able to do it as often as I should due to job and personal liabilities. However, combining my two loves- Nail art and Traveling, I have curated a collection of nail art inspired by the theme- Travel!


Flag nails are ever so popular whether it is to cheer your favorite football team or to celebrate your holiday to a country. London, Paris, and New York are pretty common but you can also draw something by taking inspiration from Laddakh or Thailand, if you are traveling there.

Visa Stamp!

Aaah the feeling of getting that visa stamp once you have finished all the security details! If you do not want to make your nail art very extensive, draw the visa stamp on them using nail art striper brush.


When we talk about nail art, how can we leave airplanes and clouds aside? Draw them on your nails girl. Over here I have done a simple vintage plane going around the clouds.

Map nails!

Map nail art is a must for travel freaks. Cover those little canvases with colorful maps of places you are about to visit. You can buy nail wraps if drawing maps on nails is a bit difficult for you.

Few more travel inspired nail art ideas for you!

Go ahead and try all these on your next vacation. If you have any other ideas, do try them too!

You can also know how to pack your nail polish right as well on holiday!

Happy holiday!