10 Holiday Nail Art Ideas You'll Want to Experiment With Now

Detailed Fair Isle, simple half-moons, and the festive negative nail–holiday-worthy nail art can look fresh long before the fairy lights go up.

Winter Wonderland

Like the abstract turkey nail design for Thanksgiving Day, this minimalist winter scene is a seasonal take on the negative nail.

Design by @sohotrightnail

Nordic Sweater

Match your nails to your favorite holiday sweater with a nordic Fair Isle look. You can try hand-painting the design, or you can always take the easy route with pre-made appliqu├ęs.

Design by @theillustratednail

Stained Glass

Add a statement nail or two in the form of a stained glass design, either hand-painted or with the help of a nail stencil. It's a subtle way to add personal details, seen here in the form of dainty David's stars.

Design by @chinaglazeofficial


Update a classic red nail with the delicate snowflakes. Just add holiday-themed nail decals and seal it with a clear top coat.

Design by @nailsbymh

Half and Half

For this fun and festive non-denominational mani, paint one hand in gold polish and the other in silver.

Design by @paintboxnails

Wrapping Paper

This easy negative nail can be made with the help of varying nail tapes. Start with a clear base coat. Once the lacquer is tacky, set alternating strips of metallic horizontally. Seal the look with a topcoat.

Design by @naominailsnyc

Seeing Stars

To get this celestial look, follow the same steps as the previous design, but with metallic star decals instead.

Design by @valleynyc

Festive Plaid

For this design, paint your nails in your desired base coat color. Choose two lacquers to crosshatch over to create a plaid design, then finish with a top coat.

Design by @zoyanailpolish

Chrome Tips

Pick your favorite holiday polish, then add metallic tips to give your nail a glamorous boost.

Design by @nataliepavloskinails

Red Half Moons

This bare half-moon look is an simple way to add color to your nail (and let your jewelry do the talking).

Design by @ladyfancynails

Hope you will enjoy these gorgeous nail art as much as I do!
Happy holidays!!

Lots of Love!!!