5 Weird manicure trends you need to try

As it turns out, bubble nails isn't the only weird manicure trend happening at salons these days. From aquarium nails to stiletto shapes, fashionistas are taking the art of the manicure to a whole other level.

We have the scoop on five wonderfully weird and questionably cool (yes, we're skeptical) nail trends taking over manicured hands today.

1. Aquarium nails

Why go to the beach when you could have the sea on your fingertips? To get this look, manicurists create a miniature aquarium on each fingernail — sans the live fish, of course. Two artificial nails are placed together with water or baby oil and sparkles in between to create the effect of a sparkling sea. On the top nail, rhinestones and jewels are carefully placed into a design or a seascape is painted for a more traditionally aquatic look.

2. Duck feet nails

Inspired by the webbed foot of a duck, duck feet nails give all 10 fingers or toes a flared look. While they can range in length and width, the added surface area allows manicurists to create intricate designs and graphics. It's almost a cartoonish feel.

But these super long nails do beg the question, how does one type, text or go through daily life? And with a pedicure, how do feet fit in the same shoe size? We'll leave the answers to those brave enough to sport the trend.

3. Flip manicures

Flashy nail art can take a rest, flip manicures are all about the hidden treasures. By adding jewels or painted designs to the inside of the nail, flip manicures are a fun twist on a seemingly traditional look. But keep in mind that since these nails require adding something special to the inside tip, they require some additional length. And if you can master painting with your non-dominant hand, it could be an easy one to try at home.

4. Stiletto nails

The pointy high heel that made the shoe style famous has found itself on many a famous fingertip. This trend gives your nails an elongated talon look that's almost as scary as it is trendy.

To get this look, artificial nails are typically required since it takes nail length and shape to the extreme. With such pointy tips, we aren't exactly sure how feasible this for a busy girl on the run. Not to mention, it sort of has a bit of a Count Dracula feel that might not work for everyday. But if your brave (or your name is Morticia Addams), go for it!

5. 3D nail art

Forget about playing with only the flat level of the nail bed; 3D nail art adds some dimension, taking nail art to another level. With rhinestones, crystals and even molded acrylic appliques, each finger becomes an accessory all its own. The options are pretty much endless!

A quick word of warning: With such intricacy on your fingertips, these nails could easily become a major distraction.